Squid Game Quotes to Use as Thought-Provoking Instagram Captions

After releasing in September, Squid Game is on track to be the most-watched show to ever appear on Netflix. That's impressive, but if you've watched even one episode of the South Korean hit, you'll know why people are positively hooked.

squid game dalgona umbrella

(Squid Game via Netflix)

The series is captivating, thought-provoking and utterly haunting all at once, and we think the second season can't come soon enough. In the meantime, though, you can keep scrolling to check out our favorite quotes from the series to use as your next Instagram caption.

For when you're broke and bored:

"Do you know what people with no money have in common with people with too much money? That living isn't fun."

-Oh Il-Nam


For that gorgeously rainy day:

"Good rain knows the best time to fall."



For the pic of you and the friends you rely on to get through it all:

"It doesn't matter how tough you are. You're not going to win in this place. Not on your own."

-Jang Deok-su

Squid game Jang Deok-su

(Squid Game via Netflix)


For that shot of you jumping into the fray:

"Doing something is always more fun than just watching."

-Oh Il-Nam


For when you've always been a survivor:

"I'm alive right now because I tried damn hard to stay alive."

-Cho Sang-woo

Squid game Cho Sang-woo

(Squid Game via Netflix)


For when you're failing something miserably, but you have a sense of humor about it:

"I'm good at everything except the things that I can't do."

-Han Mi-nyeo


For when you're bored to tears at a party and don't know what to do with yourself:

"This is hell. What are the rules in hell?"

-Jang Deok-su


For when you get an A on that test you didn't remember was happening:

"I never bothered to study, but I'm unbelievably smart."

-Han Mi-nyeo

squid Game han-mi nyeo surprised

(Squid Game via Netflix)


For when you're playing the game of life and going after what you want:

"Life is like a game, there are many players. If you don't play with them, they'll play with you."

-Oh Il-Nam

Squid Game: Oh Il-Nam in jumpsuit

(Squid Game via Netflix)


For when you've made a decision and now you have to deal with the consequences:

"The shape you have chosen is the shape you must piece out."


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