These Gorgeous Squid Ink-Infused Foods Started the Jet-Black Cooking Trend

Activated charcoal isn't the only additive that turns regular foods into incredible jet-black delicacies. If you're looking for classic black foods, the ingredient of choice has to be squid ink.

It may sound gross, but squid ink can be a subtle ingredient when used correctly. It's not at all fishy and lends a hint of salt to any dish, and it's actually been a popular ingredient in Spain, Italy and other countries since way before goth foods became a thing.

If you're not yet convinced, these delicious-looking squid ink dishes will have you changing your mind—and drooling—in no time.

Oscura Salami

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Ink Farfalle


Black Pearl Ginger Croissant

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Inky Cheese Bread

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Squid Ink Bao With Chicken Adobo

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Black Bread

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Squid Ink Seafood Pizza

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Black Bun Pork Burger

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Squid Ink Meringues

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Squid Ink Lobster Crostini

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Fish Tacos With Ink Tortillas

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Squid Ink Soft Serve

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Black Prawn Linguine

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