All the Reasons Squirrel Girl Is a Totally Underrated Superhero

We are super excited for Marvel's upcoming New Warriors series on Freeform—and we've got Squirrel Girl to thank.

The cheeky rodent-powered brainiac has been one of our favorite Marvel superheroes for a while, and we seriously can't wait to see Milana Vayntrub portray her on TV. If you're not on board yet, here are all the reasons you should be.

1. Doreen's main ability is that she has the comparative strength of a squirrel, endowing her with superhuman speed and power. She also has a furry prehensile squirrel tail, strong teeth that can chomp through wood and the ability to talk to squirrels. Who knew squirrels had so much going for them?

2. At the age of 14, she managed to rescue Iron Man by defeating evil Doctor Doom—with the help of a few dozen squirrels.

3. When she's not fighting crime as Squirrel Girl, Doreen is a brilliant computer science student. Just because it's not always super exciting to read comics about coding doesn't mean her work isn't important.

4. And her relationship advice is what all of us need to hear.

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5. She's just as social media-obsessed with the rest of us, having Twitter convos with Spider-Man like it's no big deal.

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6. And she's inspired some unbeatable cosplays.

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7. Did you know that Squirrel Girl is actually stronger and smarter than pretty much another other Marvel character? In The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe, Doreen's clone Allene is exactly like her—except she values the lives of squirrels over humans. She's willing to destroy all of Marvel's heroes to save the squirrels, and she does. It's a good thing Doreen is one of the good guys and manages to stop her.

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8. She knows that deep down, even the worst Marvel villain is just the same as the rest of us.

9. The writers really get why Squirrel Girl is such an important hero.

10. And no Marvel superhero has—or will—ever have a better motto.

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