9 Cute Gifts for the Sriracha Lovers in Your Life

We all know that person who's pretty much obsessed with sriracha and making every meal as spicy as possible.

The hot sauce is iconic at this point, known for its sizzling flavor with hints of sweetness and tang, as well as its bright red color and the famous rooster on the classic Huy Fong sriracha bottle. Sriracha lovers make their devotion known—which also makes it super easy to find them the perfect gift. If you don't plan on actually whipping them up a tasty meal infused with their favorite sauce, the following items are the next best thing to show them you care.

The Sriracha Cookbook: $16.99

Chances are that your sriracha-loving friend already drenches everything they eat in the stuff, but if they want to really taste sriracha at its best, The Sriracha Cookbook will arm them with 50 mouthwatering recipes to try. Each one centers around sriracha as a key ingredient, bringing out all of the sauce's flavor notes to create truly special dishes.

The Sriracha Cookbook

(via Penguin Random House)


SWAG Sriracha SOXers: $5

The colors and logo of Huy Fong Foods' sriracha are unmistakable, making them perfect for cheeky apparel. We especially love these socks from SWAG, with the green toe caps and heel contrasting with the red, and emblazoned with the rooster logo we all know and love.

SWAG Sriracha Soxxers

(via SWAG Boxers)


Printerval Sriracha Hot Chili Scented Candle: $14.95

Know a sriracha fan who loves to feel the burn? This hot chili-scented candle from Printerval captures the spicy scent of sriracha, so its aroma can be enjoyed even when someone's not digging into their favorite hot meal. Whether your giftee actually likes burning this candle or not, they'll love putting it on display to show their love.

printerval sriracha hot chili scented candle

(via Printerval)


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VLTD Sriracha Plush Charm: $6

Few things are cuter than tiny plushies, and even with the simplified shape and logo, this smiling sriracha bottle plush (complete with the pointed tip) is an awesome showcase of love for the sauce. It also comes with a removable ball chain to turn it into a cute bag charm or keyring.

sriracha VOLTD sriracha charm plush

(via VLTD)


Sriracha the Game: $14

Did you know that sriracha has its own official card game? The game includes 52 cards, each with its own original illustration, and is all about making pairs and "sandwiches" between your hand and the cards on the table, slapping the top card to collect the pile until you win all of the cards. It's a ton of fun and made even more so with spicy snacks.

sriracha the game

(via DSS Games)


Sriracha2Go Sriracha Coffee Mug: $15.99

This huge Sriracha2Go mug in the quintessential red and green Huy Fong Foods colors is a must-own for any sriracha addict. Its 19 oz. size means it's huge, making it perfect for a mega-sized morning coffee or tea, or for enjoying a cup of hot ramen, complete with loads of the hot stuff.

sriracha2go coffee mug

(via Sriracha2Go)


JCPenney Sriracha Long Sleeve Hoodie: $48

If your favorite hot sauce fan likes their clothing options a little more subtle, then this long sleeve sriracha hoodie from JCPenney will be more up their alley than the vibrant red apparel you might be used to seeing. The red and green lettering and line work still have all the character you'd expect, and there are logos on both the back and front to stand out against the bright white of the hoodie.

JCPenney white sriracha hoodie

(via JCPenney)


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BAIT Sriracha Necklace in Red Leather: $49.99

BAIT is famous for its fashion-forward, limited-edition collabs with pop culture's biggest names, and we're not at all surprised to see that they've got some great sriracha pieces in the lineup. This gold-colored charm on a red leather chain captures the spicy spirit of the sauce perfectly, so sriracha lovers can proudly wear their love everywhere they go.

BAIT sriracha necklace

(via BAIT)


VAT19 Mini Sriracha Keychain: $7.99

And last, but certainly not least, the gift that every sriracha aficionado needs—this mini sriracha keychain. This cute 1 oz. bottle features the Huy Fong Food sriracha logo, and can be filled with sriracha and attached to any key ring so that no one ever has to dine without access to their favorite flavorful hot sauce.

VAT19 Mini Sriracha Keyring

(via VAT19)


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