If You're Guilty of Putting Sriracha on EVERYTHING, You Need These Items

So, you drizzle Sriracha on literally everything you eat?

Well, you've come to the right place, because here, we embrace hot sauce-lovers. In fact, we encourage the obsession.

Scroll below and see how Sriracha can now be an even bigger part of your life thanks to the following 12 oh-so-hot items.

Sriracha Decal: $1.99

When you're not eating Sriracha, at least you can be thinking about it with this cute little decal for your laptop. Right?

Sriracha computer decal

(via Etsy)


Sriracha T-Shirt: $25

Want to display your hot sauce pride all-day long? You totally can, thanks to this shirt.

Sriracha T-Shirt from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Sriracha Nail Decals: $7

Your outfit isn't the only way to rock that red and green bottle 24/7. Stick on these Sriracha nail decals and the little bottle will be with you even when you sleep.

Sriracha nail decals

(via Etsy)


Sriracha Print: $20

Showcase this punny and chic print in your room so your passion for all things spicy can never be questioned.

Sriracha print

(via Etsy)


Sriracha Socks: $19.99

Or, just sport these hot socks.

Sriracha Nike socks from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Sriracha Bookmark: $1

Who knew your adoration for this spicy concoction could be displayed even when you're studying? Cute, huh?

Sriracha printable bookmark from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Sriracha Keychain: $13.99

This mini Sriracha-filled keychain is perfect for the hot sauce-lover who wants to be prepared if the restaurant they're visiting is not.

Sriracha mini keychain bottles

(via Etsy)


Sriracha Earrings: $14

These earrings are the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to low-key hint to the rest of the world that they mean business when it comes to loving this condiment.

Sriracha earrings


(via Tigertree)


Sriracha Dad Hat: $12.99

I'm sorry, but even if you don't love Sriracha, there's nothing bad you can say about this ultra trendy dad hat. So cute.

Sriracha dad hat

(via Amazon)


Sriracha Lip Balm: $6.95

Even when you can't eat Sriracha, you can have the taste of it on your lips with this fiery lip balm. So hot right now. ????

Sriracha lip balm

(via Amazon)


Sriracha Pillow: $20.84

You'll truly sleep better at night with this little pillow that reminds you that you may actually have an addiction to this spicy sauce.

Sriracha pillow

(via Redbubble)


Sriracha Joggers: $49.99

And, finally, for the tried-and-true Sriracha-lovers, There are these.

Sriracha joggers

(via Get on Fleek)


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