Hate Heels? THIS Revolutionary Pair Might Win You Over

If you're anything like me, you avoid heels at all costs.

They're clunky, uncomfortable and let's not forget, they make the most obnoxiously loud click-clack sound.

Until recently, I never thought I'd wiggle my foot into another pair of pumps, but then I heard about Ssh-oes—the first-ever pair of comfortable heels designed specifically to not make noise when you walk.

Quiet and comfortable? Yes, please.

Last week, I finally got my hands on a pair of Ssh-oes, scroll below to see what I thought.

Something great about this shoe company from the start is they offer a variety of styles and designs. They have everything from boots and pumps, to wedges and heels.

I had a hard time deciding which of their nine pumps I'd try, but eventually, I picked their Madame Pump—a pair I thought could complement a lot of the clothing I wear.

Ssh-oes pumps

One thing I immediately noticed when I opened up my shoebox, was the red rubber heel lift on the bottom of both shoes.

These patent-pending, noise-reducing heel lifts are meant to reduce and virtually eliminate that annoying clacking sound that heels make. Alongside the heel lift, this shoe has a ton of other cool features like non-slip, sound-absorbing rubber outsoles and shock absorbers that make these shoes ten times more comfortable.

So, on paper these shoes sound like a dream, but I knew I wouldn't be fully satisfied until I tried them out for myself.

When I wore these bad boys around the office, I was shocked and amazed at just how silent they really were. Even when I walked on the office's wood floors, there was not one clack noise. I really don't think someone would have heard me coming even if I was only a few feet away.

After I tried them out inside, I decided to take them out for my afternoon walk to see if they lived up to their promise of being ultra comfortable.

Black pumps on the sidewalk

Ten minutes of walking around a neighborhood later, I was able to confirm that these are one of, if not the most, comfortable pair of heels I've ever worn. Usually after just five minutes of wearing pumps I have to take them off and go barefoot. That is not the case with these.

So would I recommend them? I think it depends.

If you love heels, you might not like the look of these pumps because of the red heel lift. If you're not used to it, you may think it looks a little silly.

If you hate heels and think they're too uncomfortable to bear, I would definitely recommend these. Ssh-oes makes it possible for you to comfortably and fashionably make a statement without making tons of noise and killing your feet in the process!

If you're interested in snagging a pair for yourself. Head over to their website HERE.


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