5 Things You Never Knew About Our Favorite Dance Moms Mom, Stacey Ketchman

Although being a mom to incredible kids Lilly and Caden is a big part of the life of Stacey Ketchman, that's only the start to her great depths.

The former Dance Moms mother is an incredible woman in her own right, and what you see barely scratches the surface in terms of her own history with dance, psychology and the military—and that's just the start of it!

Curious about Stacey Ketchman? Keep reading to discover five fantastic things you never knew about her.

1. Stacey Ketchman started dancing at the age of 5, beginning with a tap class, and has been doing gymnastics for just as long.

"I started competing in gymnastics in about second grade and started competing in dance at the age of 12, which is when my dance studio started a team. Back in the day, I choreographed my own solos as well as my two younger sisters' solos, duets and trios. Times have changed a lot!"

-Stacey Ketchman


(Image courtesy of Stacey Ketchman)


2. Her mother was born in Cuba, leading to a fascinating (and delicious-sounding) holiday tradition.

"Because we love the food, we often make a huge Cuban dinner at my house for Thanksgiving instead of the traditional turkey. We usually alternate year to year."-Stacey Ketchman


3. If things had turned out differently, she might have made her TV debut earlier in life.

"When I was 12, I performed on a TV talent show with a jazz solo, but it never aired."

-Stacey Ketchman


4. Another of her daily rituals involves her incredible kids Lilliana and Caden.

"Every night, I run and jump to my bed, throwing pillows everywhere just to make my kids laugh."

-Stacey Ketchman


(Image courtesy of Stacey Ketchman)


5. She's incredibly accomplished in a number of fields, and her career aspirations also began at an early age.

"I knew I wanted to be a psychologist since the second grade, though I can't remember why! I was the first in my huge family to get a college degree, and then went on to get my doctorate in psychology as well.

I was awarded an army scholarship during graduate school, so immediately after my schooling was completed, I served in the army as a psychologist for four years as a captain. I worked at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in D.C. and then at Womack Army Medical Center in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where I saw Soldiers for mental health.

So somehow I went from pointe shoes to combat boots to reality TV!"

-Stacey Ketchman


(Image courtesy of Stacey Ketchman)


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