All the Stages of Going Through a Major Hair Change

Hair may not be the most important thing on the planet, but when you're debating about whether or not to make a big change to yours, it can sometimes feel that way.

After all, how you style your hair can change your whole vibe—just look at what happened when Miley Cyrus chopped her long brown locks into her now-iconic platinum blonde pixie. That's why, when you're debating whether or not to make a big hair change, it can be a struggle.

Fortunately, you're not alone! Most people go through several key stages when deciding whether to switch up their look. If you're contemplating taking the scissors to your hair, trying out new extensions, or dyeing it a wild color, you may find yourself somewhere below.

1. You're So Over Your Hair, You Barely Want to Touch It

When we need to change up our hairstyle, the only thing we can possibly think to do to it is to throw it in a ponytail and call it a day. Hiding your hair underneath beanies or with a huge Blair Waldorf-esque headband, and it'not a "look"? Yeah, you're at this stage.


2. You're Getting Inspiration Everywhere

Wait, can you pull off Billie Eilish's reverse green roots?!? Suddenly, every possibility looks good to you because you're just that sick of what you have going on right now.

blue pink purple hair

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3. You Find Your Dream Look

After weeding through plenty of bad ideas (maybe you actually are too lazy to maintain an undercut, you know?) you'll find the look that you believe you can achieve. Maybe you want subtle babylights like your new favorite TikToker, or you want to go full-on Taylor Swift in the "You Need to Calm Down" video. Either way, you're all in…


4. You Panic

…until you're not all in. Won't you have to throw out your boring wardrobe if you dye your hair the colors of the bisexual flag?! Will you actually look like Blake Lively, or will you look like you're trying to look like Blake Lively?


5. Your Friends Calm You Down

If there's one thing we've learned, it's that no one will embolden you more to make a big hair change than your friends. Hopefully, this is because they want to encourage you to live your best,  most exciting life, but also it's probably because they're a little too scared to make the move themselves and want you to test the waters first.

friends laughing with short hair

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6. You Figure Out How This Is Going Down

If you're shaving off all the hair on your head, well, you can probably buy some buzzers and do it yourself—if you're careful and can handle the pressure, of course. If it's something a little more intense, like say a multi-step bleach process, you'll need to consult a professional. That can mean spending hours on Instagram trying to find the person to achieve the look you're after—or it can mean calling your mom's hairdresser friend to help make sure you're not going to burn your hair off.


7. You Almost Chicken Out

Hey, hair salons are expensive! And uh, how long does it take for your hair to grow back if you hate it?


8. You Do It Anyway

It's just hair, right? Right?!?


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9. You Go On Social Media For Approval

There are many TikToks mocking the Instagram captions that people post immediately upon making a big hair change, but who cares? You did something moderately brave, spent money to do it, and are perfectly entitled to reaping a few social media likes in the process because of it.


10. Life Goes On, Time Moves Forward, and You Repeat The Process All Over Again

Unless your big hair change involved purchasing a wig (a viable option, by the way) your hair will grow out, color will fade and you may find yourself back to step one in less time than you think. Hey, isn't that what's fun about it?


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