13 Stages We All Experience When Procrastinating On Homework

Procrastination happens to the best of us, especially during the school year when you have far better things to do than all that homework your teachers assigned to you. We're pretty sure your homework procrastination cycle looks something like this.


A still from a SpongeBob Squarepants episode where he has to write an essay on things not to do at a stoplight, but he procrastinates and doesn't get very far.

1. That essay due tomorrow? Yeah, you "started" it…

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Two cats are sitting on their owners study materials for school while watching a Saturday Night Live sketch on their owners laptop.

2. All that hard work has you dying for a break. It's not like a little break ever hurt anybody!

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A meme of The Princess Bride for tumblr.

3. Until you find yourself wasting your life away on tumblr.

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A meme of a dog sitting in front of homework and a laptop with the phrase 'I have so much homework. Better watch some YouTube.' written on it.

4. Or watching every video that was ever uploaded to YouTube.

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A meme of procrastination that reads 'Procrastination LVL: Master' and is in front of a Pringles chip wheel.

5. It literally gets to the point where you start doing anything and everything to avoid doing your homework.

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An image from the 1950 Disney cartoon Cinderella where she is doing chores around the house.

6. Like you actually help your mom out by doing chores around the house to keep yourself preoccupied.

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An image of the Netflix home screen on a laptop.

7. And once again, it's time for another break. This one brought to you by Netflix. But you promise yourself you'll only watch one episode.

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A still from The Big Bang Theory of Penny binge watching a show on Netflix and saying 'Oh my god I need help.'

8. That one episode turns into finishing a full season of a show. Not your best moment.

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A girl is standing in front of a large pile of things and a small pile of things she's completed.

9. Now it's time to start doing all that work you should have been doing earlier.

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A still from an episode of SpongeBob Squarepants where he learns how to be a waiter.

10. You go into total panic mode when you look at the clock and realize you should've been fast asleep hours ago.

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A stick figure drawing of a girl in a blue dress hooked up coffee IV.

11. Coffee is now your best friend at this point.

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A meme of Patrick Star from SpongeBob Squarepants with bloodshot eyes and a caption that reads 'Sleep is for the weak.'

12. Just when you finish your work and are about to go to sleep, your alarm goes off. Who needs sleep anyway?

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The sassy hair flip girl emoji with bags under her eyes and a stack of papers in her hand.

13. At least you finished all that work on time, even if you look like a zombie. You vow to yourself that you will never procrastinate on your homework again, but who are you kidding?

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