Stand Up To Bullying With Cimorelli Episode 3!

In the third episode of Cimorelli's powerful new Stand Up To Bullying series, the Cimorelli sisters prepare for their live performance of "What Would You Do If It Were You?"stand up to bullying with cimorelli episode 3 what would you do if it were you

It's the day of the concert, and Fight Your Ignorance founder Zayanne Rifai speaks with the contest winners before they get the chance to speak with Cimorelli and show them their winning t-shirt logo designs!

They explain that their slogan, "What Would You Do If It Were You?", aims to get bullies to consider what it would be like if they were the ones being bullied.

The winners previously met with Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Steve Seskin to write a song with that slogan as their title. Backstage, Cimorelli prepare to perform for the song for the first time in front of the school!

As always, Cimorelli sings together in perfect harmony to breathe life into this powerful song that imagines a world without bullies!

After the song, Cimorelli meets with the winners again to congratulate them for their courage, and gives them all signed shirts!

What do you think of Cimorelli's awesome work against bullying? Check out episodes 1 and 2, linked below, and join our CimFam community at!