Here's How We Built These Awesome Cardboard Star Wars Droids

These are definitely the droids you're looking for.

DIYs—especially particularly stunning ones—can be tough to pull off, but Star Wars Builders: Droids makes creating great-looking droids easy-peasy.

Even if arts and crafts totally isn't your subject, this kit will allow you to build glorious cardboard versions of R2-D2, C-3PO and BB-8 in no time flat.

Star Wars Builders Droids Books

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Each droid is made entirely of printed card stock pieces. The first step is to find the sheets associated with the droid you want to build and start popping the pieces out. No scissors are required to pull this off, but a pair of tweezers can be helpful for removing small pieces.

BB-8 Star Wars Builders Droid template pre-separation

Once you've punched out every piece, it will look like this. The next step is assembly. You won't need any glue, tape or other adhesive to put this baby together because it's all held together with pieces that snugly slot together.

BB-8 Star Wars Builders Droid template post-separationWhile each droid's construction may appear to be pretty complex, they come together in just a few steps. Every piece may fit perfectly together like a puzzle, but it's not a brain teaser that requires trial and error, as the instructions are super straightforward. Once your pieces are ready, they should only take minutes to construct.

This polygonal BB-8 is just as cute as his totally spherical movie counterpart.

BB-8 Star Wars Builders Droid bb-8 complete

R2-D2 is the classic lovable Star Wars droid, and his card stock statue is just as regal as the character that inspired it.

BB-8 Star Wars Builders Droid R2-D2 complete

And last but not least is the C-3PO figure, which at 13.5 inches is by far the biggest of the card stock droids. Without pieces to fold and circular shapes to fasten, he's probably the easiest as well.

BB-8 Star Wars Builders Droid template c-3PO complete

Putting together all three droids from the kit won't take you too long, and while you can't necessarily use what you've learned toward building even more droids, the set does come with an additional 64-page book about droids that's surprisingly thorough and features all of your favorite droids from the Star Wars universe.

BB-8 Star Wars Builders Droids C-3PO, BB-8 and R2-D2 in space hallway

Each of these figures makes for an impressive shelf or desk ornament that shows off your Star Wars love in style. If you're a fan, then it's time to get building.


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