Love Princess Leia, Rey and Jyn Erso? Check Out Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

If you love the ladies of the Star Wars series as much as we do, you have to check out Star Wars: Forces of Destiny.

The new online series of shorts tells short stories starring your favorite women from Star Wars. Narrated by Lupita Nyong'o, who voices Maz Kanata in the films, each quick video is less than three minutes, making it super easy to binge them all in one go.

As of this writing, three episodes are available to watch online. The first sees Rey (voiced by Daisy Ridley) protecting BB-8 from a hungry junk-eating nighwatcher worm.

In the second episode, Rey protects the spherical droid yet again. This time around, thieving bandits will stop at nothing to get the valuable droid. Little do they know, Rey has a ravenous ally who's more than eager to help.

And in the third episode, we rewind to the times of Return of the Jedi and get to witness Princess Leia's first encounter with Ewoks. She lends a helping hand when Stormtroopers try to meddle with their business.

These episodes aren't very long, but they do a great job at filling in some of the parts we don't get to see in the Star Wars films. They work particularly well if you think of them as deleted scenes. The animation looks great and, so far, every bit of it feels like it works perfectly within the Star Wars universe as we know it.

We're not sure exactly what's yet to come in future Forces of Destiny episodes, but one sneak peek video does give us a glimpse at Jyn Erso, Sabine Wren, Ahsoka Tano and Padmé Amidala also making their own appearances. We can't wait to see what's yet to come!


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