6 Character-Inspired Makeup Collections We Will Love Forever

We are all about character-inspired makeup collabs – and with the recent release of Sephora's Minnie Mouse collection and Urban Decay's vibrant spin on Alice from Alice In Wonderland, we took a moment to round up a handful of our faves with similar themes.

Scroll below for our top six of all time!


1. Alice Through the Looking Glass x Urban Decay

Why we're obsessed: There are no words to describe Urban Decay's incredible Alice Through the Looking Glass collection. I mean, they had us at the packaging! Buy the products here.

UD is going back down the rabbit hole! #UDinwonderland

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2. Minnie Mouse x Sephora

Why we're obsessed: Sephora has brought us the makeup of our dreams with these Minnie Mouse-inspired products. The lipstick, eyeshadow and blush come with the cutest prints on them, and the colors – 'nuff said! Find the collection here.


3. Hello Kitty x MAC

Why we're obsessed: Although this amazing collaboration is no longer available, the set had everything from lipstick and blush, to nail polish in the prettiest shades. We're super bummed it's not around anymore, but Hello Kitty is timeless. Hopefully another collab is on its way in the near future!

Hello Kitty MAC Makeup Collection

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4. Disney x E.L.F.

Why we're obsessed: This Princess Jasmine-inspired palette with blush, bronzer and lipgloss is a bit simpler than our other faves, but the $10 price point can't be beat when we're on a mission to get beautified on a budget! Buy it here.

A Whole New World E.l.f. collection

(via Walgreens)


5. Star Wars x Cover Girl

Why we're obsessed: This limited edition Star Wars: The Force Awakens collection is seriously rad. These "dark side" and "light side" products are giving us major Jedi vibes. Snag them here before they're all gone.


6. Maleficent x MAC

Why we're obsessed: MAC has some the best lipstick and eyeshadow in its biz, but this Maleficent collection took things to a whole new level. The villainous hues of this collaboration were just too cool not to fly off the shelves because it's no longer available. Hopefully they'll make another collection for the second movie that's right around the corner!


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