9 Awesome Items That Will Transform Your Room Into a Star Wars-Themed Paradise

With the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, our obsession for the adventurous galactic universe is at an all-time high.

While the new movie totally blew our minds, our love for Star Wars goes way back, so we've had plenty of time to dream ourselves into every one of its storylines. And it's no surprise that what we want most is what everyone wants: to learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi master.

Rey Holding a Blue Lightsaber

(Star Wars: The Force Awakens via Lucasfilm)

If there's one thing you need to become a genuine Padawan learner (besides a sensitivity to the Force), it's an impressive Star Wars-themed room to train in.

Keep scrolling for nine awesome items that will transform your room into a Star Wars-themed paradise.

Death Star 3D Optical Illusion LED Lamp: $39 

This Death Star will added some much-needed light to your room, and hopefully it won't explode (fingers crossed).

Death Star 3D Hologram Lamp

(via The 3D Lamp)


Sith vs. Jedi Wall Clock: $199.95

With lightsabers that actually light up, this clock is a perfect reminder of the endless battle against the dark side.

Sith vs. Jedi Wall Clock

(via The Bradford Exchange Online)


Fathead Han Solo in Carbonite Wall Decal: $99.99

Keep your favorite smuggler close at hand with this fathead wall decal.

Fathead of Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite

(via hayneedle)


Star Wars Space Chase Bedding: $139 

Perfect for sneaking in a quick nap as you race away from TIE fighters.

Star Wars Space Chase Bedding

(via PBteen)


Original Trilogy Lamp With Illuminated Lightsabers: $199.95 

The original trilogy is the best trilogy, don't @ us.

Original Trilogy Lamp With Illuminated Lightsabers

(via The Bradford Exchange Online)


Millennium Falcon 5 Panel Canvas Wall Art: $29.95

A constant reminder that this bucket of bolts can still kick some Empire butt.

Millennium Falcon 5 Panel Canvas Wall Art
(via Canvas Frenzy)


Darth Vader Shelf: $34.90

Bring a little dark side into your room with this Darth Vader shelf.

Darth Vader Shelf

(via Box Lunch)


Rey Lightsaber Room Light: $16.98

It might not be battle-worthy, but it can still light up your world.

Rey Lightsaber Room Light

(via ToysRUs)


Stormtrooper Media Chair: $449

It's just missing a blaster.

Stormtrooper Media Chair

(via PBteen)


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