The Star Wars x Inkkas Collection Is Out of this World—and in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

There are a lot of ways to show your Star Wars fandom, but our new favorite right now is the Star Wars x Inkkas footwear collection. The shoes are so cute that you don't even have to be a fan to appreciate them—but it helps a ton if you are.

Inkkas Footwear's Star Wars capsule collection has officially launched, and the shoes are limited-edition.

The brand's website is only selling 50 of each size of the shoes, according to Bustle. And given how cute they are, we suspect they'll go fast.

Star Wars x Inkkas sneakers

(via Inkkas)

Aztechy Flex Force: $79.00

Inkkas showed them off Tuesday via Instagram and highlighted how detailed the designs are. The post's two photos appeared alongside a caption that read in part, "We think you might recognize some of these #StarWars symbols … how many can you spot?"

Fans are definitely going to have fun looking for the details. There are 11 different pairs in the collection, and they're all full of the Force. Each style features "Easter eggs with secret messages hidden"—just like the movies do, according to the brand. How cool is that?

If you're tempted to get your own pair, check out Inkkas' website. The shoes range in price from $65 to $149.


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