Starbucks New Year's Drinks Are 'Black & White'—Here's How They Taste

We're always on board to try whatever wild new concoction is on the Starbucks menu, so when we heard they were introducing new drinks just in time for New Year's Eve, we eagerly ran over to our local store to try them.

Inspired by fancy new year parties, each of the three new drinks—a mocha, a hot cocoa and a frappuccino—has a "Black & White" theme, combining white mocha syrup and dark mocha syrup to create one luscious flavor. Essentially, it's white chocolate meets dark chocolate.

But what really defines these drinks, to us anyway, is that each one is also topped with a generous heap of whipped cream and "a tie-like stripe of chocolaty sequin topping," according to Starbucks' official page for the drinks.

We opted for the Black & White Hot Cocoa, which combines steamed milk with the white and dark mocha syrups to create a multi-faceted chocolatey beverage.

Regrettably, when we popped the lid of our drink,  we found the signature "sequins" sadly missing.

Starbucks black and white hot cocoa with sequins background

(Photo courtesy of Amanda Pillon)

Fortunately, the drink itself was delicious. The addition of white chocolate to the classic hot cocoa formula made the drink less rich, but more smooth and sippable. Technically, this version has more sugar than their traditional hot cocoa, but it tasted less sweet to us. We may just have to make this our custom order once it drops off the menu. We didn't try the mocha or the frapp, but we're assuming they're just as delicious.

All three drinks are in Starbucks stores now and should stay on the menu throughout the first week of 2018. Since you undoubtedly got a Starbucks gift card (or six) over the holiday season, it's the perfect time to stop by and see what you think of Black & White.


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