Here's How to Make Starbucks' Coffee Ice Cubes

If you hate watered down iced coffee as much as we do, you were probably thrilled when last week Starbucks announced they'd be testing out coffee ice cubes. A game changer, for sure.

You were also probably pretty disappointed when you heard that the chain would only be testing out these caffeinated cubes in their St. Louis and Baltimore stores. Womp. Womp.????

Because I couldn't pick up the cubes at my local store, I decided I'd take things into my own hands and make some of my own. I mean how hard could it be to pour some coffee into an ice cube tray, right?

For full details on how to whip up an extra cold, extra caffeinated drink, scroll below!

Before you begin, all you need to gather is an ice cube tray (preferably with some cool shapes ????), a cup or mason jar and a coffee maker and coffee.

Ice cube tray and mason jar

Once you're ready to get your caffeine fix going, brew a large pot of coffee and pour half of it into your mason jar and half of it into your tray.

An ice cube tray filled with coffee

Before I did this, I added some almond milk to the entire mix.

Next, place your tray into the freezer and your coffee into the fridge. I set a timer for two hours to ensure that my cubes froze fully.

After two hours, I grabbed my ice cube tray and carefully popped the cubes and coffee into my cup.

Mason jar and coffee cubes

Life changing? Absolutely. The coffee didn't get watered down and I definitely felt that added caffeine.

Moral of the story? Don't be sad Starbucks isn't rolling out their new cubes at all stores—you can totally DIY them at home. ☕

Coffee cubes outside of a mason jar filled with coffee


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