If You Can't Stand Starbucks, You'll Relate to These 15 Struggles

We can all agree that we love coffee.

And it's exactly this love for coffee that makes the Starbucks world we live in so cringeworthy.

No longer just a cup-o-joe preference, Starbucks has now become a social sensation. The one problem? Some of us can't stand it.

If you like your coffee the way you like your grades (good), then continue reading to relate to all of the struggles that come with disliking Starbucks:

1. Getting shade for using the wrong drink size terminology. Don't look at me that way, you know what I mean when I say "small." Why would the smallest option be dubbed a "tall" anyway??

2. Not having a clue what a "blonde" roast is supposed to be.


3. Feeling left out of the limited edition craze that you truly don't care about. To you, that Unicorn Frap just looks like a sugar hangover in a plastic cup.


4. Always having to stomach the taste of (in your humble opinion) bad coffee because it's what your entire girl gang is drinking.

5. You're in a total coffee crisis but literally the only shop on every street corner is a Starbucks.

6. Not getting the coffee drink gram likes you deserve because your cup isn't repping the Starbucks logo.


7. The likelihood of receiving a Starbucks gift card is way higher than receiving a gift card for an establishment you actually enjoy. What are you supposed to do with this Monopoly money now?

8. Everyone's tired of hearing you complain about how much you don't like Starbucks. You've definitely been called "pretentious" a number of times just because you enjoy the taste of halfway decent coffee. Mock us all you want. You're the one missing out.

9. They put way too much ice in their iced drinks. You know it. I know it. They know it.

10. Why is no one talking about the fact that it's like, so expensive…

11. Their idea of a macchiato is so inaccurate it's laughable. But of course no one really cares, and oops, there you go again, being pretentious.


12. You feel like a total phony any time you do rep the green siren. But can we please direct your attention back to No. 5. What's a girl supposed to do??

13. Ugh you kind of hate that they do actually have pretty cute merch.


14. There's literally no avoiding them because they've become a staple of one of your favorite holidays. There is no fall without PSL anymore. They are now one.


15. It honestly just bugs that everyone is so obsessed with subpar coffee. Just the thought alone is a struggle, you know?


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