12 Cute Instagram Captions for Every Starbucks Photo You Post

For some, taking a photo of you and your daily cup of Starbucks is as much a ritual as the drinking of the coffee itself.

If you regularly Instagram your morning coffee, you may be struggling to keep your captions fresh. The below list will help.

For the photo of you and your beloved sipping Starbucks together:

"You call it Starbucks. I call it love."


For that exhausted "I woke up like this" photo before you get to take that first drink of your morning coffee:

"If Starbucks delivered, I'd be a morning person."


For those days when only a venti will do:

"I like big cups and I cannot lie."


For the selfie when you know your beautiful drink costs way too much, but you can't live without it:

"If I gave up Starbucks, I'd save enough money to buy a car. I'd rather have Starbucks."


For the eighth day in a row that you post a photo of yourself drinking Starbucks:

"I'm not addicted to Starbucks. We're just in a committed relationship."


For those days when an iced drink is the only thing keeping you going:

"Sometimes, all you need is a cup with a little green straw."


For that selfie when you've clearly had just a little too much caffeine:

"My blood type is Starbucks."


For the photo of you proving you'll do whatever it takes to get your daily cup of Starbucks:

"Nothing stands between a girl and her Starbucks."


For that photo of you finally looking and feeling like a human being after being deprived of coffee all day:

"I'm sorry for what I said before I had my Starbucks."


For the cutest selfie of you taking a sip of your Insta-worthy drink:

"Life is too short for bad coffee."


For the photo of you cozying up to your hot drink on a chilly day:

"You know that hot friend I was telling you about? I meant coffee."


For that pic that shows you're living your life to the fullest—and it's all thanks to Starbucks:

"I don't drink Starbucks to wake up. I wake up to drink Starbucks."


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