Starbucks and Disney princesses are two things we love most in this world.

The only way these two singular favorites could be better is if they collided.

So, we took things into our own hands and applied our passion for princesses and perfect lattes to present to you each Disney princess’ perfect Starbucks order.

Scroll below to see if your fave royal prefers the same drink as you!




Disney Princess Pocahontas standing in the wind

(Pocahontas via Walt Disney Pictures)

Starbucks order: Shaken Iced Green Tea

Pocahontas is a curious and adventurous being who thrives when out exploring in nature. A Shaken Iced Green Tea blended with mint, lemongrass and lemon verbena is the perfect (and most refreshing) drink to accompany her on one of her many journeys. ????



Merida Disney Princess

(Brave via Walt Disney Pictures)

Starbucks order: Shaken Iced Passion Tango Tea Lemonade

For a passionate and brave girl like Merida, the only drink suitable is a Shaken Iced Passion Tango Tea Lemonade. This thing is shaken with hibiscus so it’s fiery red, just like Merida’s hair. A match made in heaven if you ask us.



Elsa Disney Princess

(Frozen via Walt Disney Animation Studios)

Starbucks order: White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino

Elsa has a knack for all things icy and cool, so she’d go for a frosty drink like Starbucks’ signature White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino. This tasty drink has a mixture of roast coffee, milk, ice and whipped cream, ideal for a princess who is prepared to handle a serious brain freeze.



Disney Princess Jasmine

(Aladdin via Walt Disney Pictures)

Starbucks order: Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte

Jasmine is always up for trying new and indulgent things, so of course she’d order an Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte. This number is the perfect amount of sweet and spicy, very fitting for a sassy girl like Jasmine.



Disney Princess Ariel

(The Little Mermaid via Walt Disney Pictures)

Starbucks order: Iced Vanilla Latte

Let’s face it, Ariel just wants to fit in. Because she wants to be just like the inhabitants of land, she’ll order a very simple, but popular Starbucks beverage: the Iced Vanilla Latte. This espresso, milk and vanilla syrup blend will give Ariel just the amount of energy she needs to thrive outside of the water.



Mulan Disney Princess

(Mulan via Walt Disney Feature Animation)

Starbucks order: Black coffee

Mulan is all about getting down to business when she’s placing her food or drink orders. She doesn’t need any of the added frills or flavors that come with some of Starbucks’ drinks, so she’d order a simple dark roast black coffee—a simple drink for an uncomplicated girl.


Sleeping Beauty

Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty

(Sleeping Beauty via Walt Disney Productions)

Starbucks Order: The Pink Drink

Aurora has a special place in her heart for the color pink (it is the color of her fave gown, after all). There’s no doubt that if Sleeping Beauty were to hit up a Starbucks, she’d place an order for the acclaimed Pink Drink on their secret menu. This lightly caffeinated blend of the Acai Refresher and coconut milk, will give her that extra boost of energy she needs to avoid taking an extended nap.



Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast'

(Beauty and the Beast via Walt Disney Pictures)

Starbucks order: Tuxedo Hot Chocolate

Belle truly is a classy girl with a sophisticated palette. It only makes sense that she’d order the most luxurious beverage on Starbucks’ menu: the Tuxedo Hot Chocolate. This rich hot cocoa is packed with dark and white chocolate swirled together and topped with a dollop of whipped cream, mocha drizzle and dark chocolate curls. Truly decadent.


Snow White

Disney Princess Snow White

(Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs via Walt Disney Productions)

Starbucks order: Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher

Snow has always been drawn to sweet red fruits—what can we say? The one drink that perfectly suits her fruity needs is Starbucks’ Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher. This sweet and refreshing fruit juice will satisfy Snow’s taste buds and match her perfectly rosy cheeks. What more could she want?



Disney Princess Rapunzel

(Tangled via Walt Disney Animation Studios)

Starbucks order: Double Chocolaty Chip Creme Frappuccino

As you know, Rapunzel is a vivacious woman ready to venture out into this world and tackle any obstacles she faces. To accomplish all that she wants, Rapunzel needs a lot of energy. For that reason alone, she should order the Double Chocolaty Chip Creme Frappuccino. Mocha, chocolate chips, milk and ice blend together nicely to deliver the ultimate sugar rush that can sustain energy—just what she needs!



Disney Princess Cinderella reading to animals

(Cinderella via Walt Disney Productions)

Starbucks order: Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

Cinderella is a practical and sweet woman. She works hard and sometimes needs to be reminded to take breaks. If Cinderella were to step outside her daily responsibilities and head to Starbucks, she would most definitely order a Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew. It’s sensible, sweet and has just the right amount of punch to help her accomplish all her dreams.



Disney Princess Tiana

(The Princess and the Frog via Walt Disney Animation Studios)

Starbucks order: Green Tea Latte

We don’t know why, but it seems Tiana is always attracted to things that are green. For that reason, she’d obviously pick up a Green Tea Latte. She will be sure to appreciate the craft that goes into making this smooth and creamy matcha!



Disney Princess Moana

Starbucks order: Cool Lime Refresher

Because there’s nothing more satisfying to an island girl than sipping down on an iced cold drink after being out at sea all day, Moana would order a Cool Lime Refresher. This thirst-quenching juice, mint and lime concoction will cool her down, perk her up and prepare her for her next big ocean adventure. ????


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