The Way You Take Your Starbucks Says THIS About Your Personality

When it comes to shoe-tying methods and pineapple on pizza, there may be only two kinds of people in the world.

But when it comes to Starbucks, there's quite a variety. Everyone takes their coffee a little differently and usually that order says a whole lot about their personality.

Scroll below to find out what your usual Starbucks order says about you:


You like your sweet treat with a side of coffee, and there's nothing wrong with that. You're just as sweet as you take your Starbucks and live life with a coffee cup half-full attitude. You are a morning person who tends to always arrive early and may just have a second coffee in hand for your BFF. Like your favorite flavored cup, you're reliable and bring constant good vibes.



You take your Starbucks blended because you are all about having a good time. Frappuccinos are practically breakfast smoothies and you wouldn't miss that loophole for the world. You dare to be bold because life's too short to live by the rules. Whether you're having fun with friends or pushing boundaries, you're doing it with cool confidence.

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If you take your Starbucks black, then chances are you take yourself and your coffee seriously. While you keep things simple, you also need to have the best of the best because there is no room for error. You can be brooding at times and intuitive at others, but that's because you're a deep well of emotions. Some may think you're mysterious, but the truth is you're an open book of feelings for anyone to read. The only problem is that most of the people you interact with are the characters in your favorite books.

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The kind of person who takes their coffee iced year-round is someone who lives like nobody's watching. Sure, some people may think you're crazy as you sip on your iced coffee in freezing temperatures, but you know what you like and you're not about to change for anyone. You live for the strong energy boost you get from your iced Starbucks because you are a doer who never stops moving. From early morning practice to after school rehearsals, it's likely you've packed your schedule to the brim. You may be busy, but you're always doing exactly what you love.


Espresso Only

Whether it's a cappuccino, Americano or latte, you exclusively drink espresso because you're fancy like that. Although this form of coffee actually contains less caffeine than its brewed counterparts, you don't necessarily drink it for the energy, but rather than luxury. You're all about style and culture and you pride yourself on your worldly knowledge. You accomplish things effortlessly, but the truth is that you're always working steadily towards a goal.



You are a lover of the finer things in life. You genuinely enjoy the taste of coffee, but don't require the caffeine boost the rest of us seemingly need. You are a very structured person who always gets their eight hours of sleep and doesn't have to be told twice to eat their vegetables. Your body is your temple and you treat it that way. Your daily cup of decaf probably comes after yoga and before school as a luxurious treat to awaken your taste buds. Because you naturally balance your life, you don't need to look for it in your coffee.


Limited Edition

If you switch up your Starbucks order every time a new Limited Edition flavor comes out, then you like to walk on the wild side. Your specialty coffee tells everyone around you that you're a trendsetter who is never behind on the latest fad. Your Starbucks cup is another accessory to your pop-culture life and you can't help but enjoy watching people glance your way in envy. You know all top 40 songs by heart and have a poppin' IG account. Not everyone can keep up with the times, but you're always ahead of the game whether it's the newest band or the limited edition Starbucks drink.


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