The Awkward Reality of Trying to Order Starbucks' Secret Menu Drinks

It seems that we can't let a month or even a week pass by without yet another Starbucks secret menu drink blowing up our social feeds.

The second a new drink trend hits, we're swarmed with articles, pictures and reviews tempting us to flee to the nearest Starbucks and try the drink for ourselves.

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First it was the Pink Drink, then the Purple Drink, and now the beautiful Two-Toned Matcha Pink Drink has arrived.

If you're like me and attempt to sample the trend before any of your friends, you take a very huge risk—You face the risk of a very awkward encounter.

Let me explain.

By being one of the first to sample out a drink, you often have to explain the recipe to the barista prepping it.

This happened to me just yesterday as my co-workers and I attempted to try the two-toned drink.

As I reached the counter, I wasn't exactly sure how to approach the man who would be taking my order. Because I didn't really know how to order the beverage, I shyly asked if he'd heard of the latest Starbucks secret drink.

He hastily shook his head no, and I immediately started digging for my phone in my purse.

Once I finally found the recipe for the two-toned drink, the barista fidgeted with the register trying to figure out exactly what he would need to charge me for this weird hodgepodge.

Once he took the order, he actually had to hand my phone to a barista behind the counter so she could read for herself how to make it. ????

Slightly confused, she skimmed through the instructions and began preparing the mixture while I stood there nervously.

Two minutes later, she placed mine and my co-workers "two-toned" drinks on the counter, and let's just say we didn't get exactly what we anticipated. The drinks were more one-toned. ????

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Needless to say, when you're so on top of trends that the baristas themselves haven't even heard of them, you might not get what you want or expect.

From this, and countless other experiences with Starbucks trends, I've learned that you've got to let the trend ride the wave for at least a few weeks. Otherwise, you'll wind up like me, with a super awk situation and a one-colored drink.

That's the truth.


So maybe you shouldn't be ordering this two-toned beauty just yet. If you're not sure what your taste buds are craving at Starbucks, head over HERE and let your zodiac sign determine that.