There's Nothing Cuter Than These Dog Halloween Costumes

While everyone else is most concerned with what they will be for Halloween, we're over here trying to decide on the perfect outfit for our pup.

Thanks to Instagram, we've stumbled upon some of the most adorable dog costumes ever, and they're serving up plenty of inspo for your canine's get-up for the holiday.

Keep scrolling to see them all now!

Corn on the Cob Costume

This little guy might not look happy, but at least he looks cute.


USB Drive Costume

We wonder how many gigs this USB has.


Cruella de Vil Costume

Oh, the irony.


Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume

Insert witty Lady and the Tramp joke here.


UPS Delivery Man Costume

From now on we'd like all our packages to be delivered by dogs dressed as UPS delivery guys.


Banana Split Costume

That tongue!


Teddy Bear Costume

Have you ever seen anything more precious?

A photo posted by Grace Park (@gracethepuppup) on


TY Beanie Baby Costume

Clever and cute, what could be better?


Football Player Costume

That's one tough-looking quarterback.

A photo posted by Dakota (@_dakota_the_golden) on


Spam Sushi Costume

This dog is our spirit animal.


Unicorn Costume

Told you they were real.

A photo posted by Ashley Somes (@ashleysomes) on


Dairy Queen Employee Costume

We'll take two chocolate dipped cones, please.

A photo posted by Stephanie Prentice (@steph_p_ubc) on


Snorkeler Costume

Just keep swimming.


Joyce From Stranger Things Costume

The resemblance is uncanny.


Mickey Mouse Costume

Mickey Mouse just got a whole lot more adorable.


Turtle Costume

Turtle, turtle!


Ewok Costume

Fierce at its finest.

A photo posted by Wicket (@wicketthehavaneseewok) on


Starbucks Drink Costume

Who ordered the pup-puccino?


Strawberry Costume

Someone looks like they want payback for being shoved into this costume.


Navy Sailor Costume

Smooth seas don't make good sailors. 

A photo posted by Spanky & Darla (@spankythepug) on


Peas in a Pod Costume

The costume is almost bigger than the dog.

A photo posted by @its_a_harvey_life on


Now that we've given you plenty of inspo for your pup's costume, we reveal HERE what your zodiac sign thinks you should be for Halloween.