Here's What We Really Think of Starbucks' New Zombie Frappuccino

By now, you've probably heard Starbucks has a spooky new pink and green zombie drink on its menu from now until Halloween.

What exactly do zombies taste like? We stopped by our local Starbucks to order a cup and find out for ourselves.

Starbucks zombie frappuccino on green background

Visually, the drink was immediately striking. The pale mint-green blended drink was topped with a brain-like whipped cream topping with a rich pink color. The whole beverage was drizzled with chocolate syrup, which on top of the pink whip, had a deep red tinge resembling blood. It looks just right for Halloween.

And while it didn't look exactly like the zombie frap images we'd seen online, we were still impressed.]

Next was the taste test. To our surprise, each sip tasted like a caramel apple pop. The creme-based frap wasn't too sweet and the flavor was just right, though it did seem to get more watered down as we drank more and more of it. The pink whipped cream had a berry flavor, adding a little tartness when mixed in with the drink. The chocolate sauce also mixed well with the other flavors, resulting in one of your favorite seasonal Starbucks beverages yet.

Though we think the green and pink look, drizzled in blood, might be a bit much for the rest of the year, we hope Starbucks decides to keep the apple caramel combination around beyond Halloween. It just might become our go-to drink.


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