How to Start a Conversation With Your Crush on Instagram

Think Instagram is just for posting cute pics? Think again.

Of course, Insta is fantastic for staying in the loop of what's going on in your friends' lives, or humble-bragging about your own achievements, but it also serves as the ultimate portal for initiating contact with your crush.

If you're not already close to someone, texting them can feel like a big, invasive step. Chatting with them over Instagram seems more natural and subtle—plus, it's a great way to figure out whether they're actually interested in you or not.

So how can you start secretly flirting with them without making things weird? Keep scrolling for our very best tips on how to start a convo with your crush over Instagram.



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The Story Response

The easiest, and least aggressive, way to start a new conversation with your crush over Instagram is to simply respond to their latest story. If you're feeling nervous, don't be afraid to take things slow and ease into talking to them with a simple emoji response, or a "haha," and then call it a day. If you're feeling more confident, however, you'll discover that you'll get faster results if you leave a comment that invites a back-and-forth conversation. Pique their interest with a clever reply, or even better, ask them a question about the post. This kind of effort will make your crush feel more inclined to respond, and maybe even lead to an actual conversation.

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The Meme Tag

Who doesn't love getting sent a hilarious meme? They're awesome tools for attracting a crush's attention because they're specifically designed to make people laugh, which sets a fun and lighthearted tone from the ensuing conversation. Try tagging your crush in a meme you know they'd like. It shows you're thinking about them without being too intense. Even if they never respond, you've demonstrated your interest, and set up something to talk about the text time you see each other.



The Meme DM

While tagging your crush in a meme is on the low-effort side, it is public, which means that anyone could potentially see it. Depending on your situation, that might wind up being slightly embarrassing, so you may opt to DM them the meme instead. This one's a little more direct, and might feel a little scarier, but it's totally private—and might also make your crush more likely to reply, since the message goes straight to them.

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The Old Photo Double-Tap

Sure, there are still occasions where liking old photos can be super embarrassing, but we happen to think it can also be an effective flirting technique. If you're feeling bold, go to your crush's page, scroll through the images and double-tap a few cute solo pics. Of course, we don't recommend scrolling too far (more than a couple of months old can come off as creepy), and definitely like more than one of the photos, so they'll know you did so on purpose. Yep, this one puts yourself out there, but it helps to more clearly communicate your interest. With a little luck, they might even like your photos back or leave you with a DM. No matter what happens, you'll never know what could be unless you try—and what's the worst that could actually happen?

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The Comment

When it comes to Instagram, comments can be a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, they don't require very much commitment on your part. On the other, it's possible that your comment will blend into a sea of other thirsty comments, or stand out if your crush usually only gets comments from family and close friends. We recommend always reading the room first, and being careful not to post anything too aggressively flirty. The last thing you want to do is make your crush uncomfortable with a very public display of affection.


The Direct Approach

Sometimes, it really can pay to just be direct. You don't have to skirt around things by waiting for them to post a story, or stumbling upon a funny meme. Just slide into their DMs and send a nice message. Yes, this can be anxiety-inducing, but at the worst, they won't respond, and at the best, you might get to talking and begin to build a future together. In fact, this upfront tactic might just land you the S.O. of your dreams.


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