How to Start a Convo With Your Crush on TikTok

TikTok is your No.1 source for funny, totally addicting content.

But you can do so much more with this app than simply watch and share relatable videos. Since you're on TikTok every second of every day, you may as well use it to pursue your crush.

Whether you talk to them all the time or you've barely said more than three words to each other, TikTok might just be the way to take your relationship to the next level. Keep scrolling for our best tips on how to start a convo with your crush on TikTok.

The Video Like

Okay, so liking your crush's TikTok video doesn'technically start a conversation. But it does communicate support for your crush that, given a little time and consistency, could lead to a conversation in the future. Basically, if you're afraid of being the first one to reach out to your crush, the video like is the safe option. It doesn't cost you anything to hit that like button and it doesn't require you to put yourself out there. However, it might also be less successful than other, more aggressive options.

The video like banks on the fact that your crush will notice your constant presence on their activity page, which will then lead them to reach out to you. Nine times out of ten things won't be that easy, but the video like is a good place to start if you're scared of reaching out.

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The Video Comment

Commenting on your crush's video is the next step above simply liking their post. It requires a little more bravery, but it also makes it just a little more likely that your interaction will turn into a real conversation. Don't comment anything too elaborate or desperate. Instead, try to stick with short statements that invite a response from your crush. Asking a question or complimenting your crush are always safe options. It's possible that your comment may turn into a real conversation, or your crush might just like it and move on. Either way, at least you tried to establish contact.


The Video Tag

Each step in trying to start a conversation with your crush gets a little bit more courageous. Next up is the video tag. Much like tagging a friend in memes, tagging your crush in a video you think they'll like is a great way to start a conversation. It's a lighthearted opportunity to get their attention, but it also opens the door to having a real conversation. If you can find a video that you really think they'll enjoy, you can communicate that you're thinking about your crush without getting too intense. Plus, it's a safe way to make the first move without heading right into the DMs.

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The Video DM

Speaking of DMs, the next tactic allows you to slide right in. While DMing a video straight to your crush risks the pain of no reply, it also starts an actual chat, which is undoubtedly the best way to have a real conversation. Plus, DMing a video keeps everything private. If your crush ignores you, it won't be on display for the world to see like a tag would be.

If you're going to send a video straight to your crush, choose something that sparks a conversation. Something funny on a topic the two of you have discussed before is always a safe option. If they reply, you've officially established contact. If they ignore you, it's a pretty clear sign that they're not into you the way you're into them. You'll either talk to them or you'll get a clear answer about their feelings for you—there's no way to lose.


The Direct Approach

Last but not least, you can always take the direct approach. If you really want to start a conversation with your crush, just shoot them a DM. While sending a message requires a bit of bravery, it's also the best way to gauge your crush's interest in you. If they don't respond, you know where you stand. But if they do shoot back a reply, you've officially moved your relationship to the next stage. Instead of pining over them from afar, you can now chat like normal people. Who knows where your romance could go from there.



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