Stay Away and Moonlight: 2 New G Hannelius Tracks!

Dog With a Blog's G. Hannelius made a super exciting announcement this morning by releasing two new singles, "Stay Away" and "Moonlight," a day early!Stay Away and Moonlight

The new songs are both available on iTunes today, and we love the way the tracks showcase different aspects of G.'s musical talents.

"Stay Away" begins with an awesome beat, and is the deeper of the two tracks. Parts of the track are reminiscent of "New Slang" by The Shins, which can only be a good thing!

The song depicts a troubled love story, where G. sings about a boy who doesn't always treat her right but always keeps her coming back!

On the other hand, "Moonlight" is a light and bouncy song. It's hard to listen to it without smiling!

In this song, G. sings about spending time with the boy of her dreams and falling in love with him under the moonlight.

To check out the songs on G.'s iTunes page, just click here! Stay tuned for our next episode of SweetBeatTV starring G. Hannelius as a Radio Disney celebrity guest DJ, and join us at for the latest updates on the rising star!