7 Ways to Avoid Being Unlucky This Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone!

Whether you're superstitious or a little stitious, doing these seven (the luckiest number) things will potentially turn this notoriously unlucky day into a favorable one for you.

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1. Wake up on the right side of the bed. By that we mean, do not get out of bed on the left side. That is all.

2. Avoid black cats at all costs – unless you're a teenage witch.

Sabrina with Salem

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3. Keep your lucky charm on hand during the entirety of the day. This might help keep the bad vibes away.

4. Walking under ladders or opening an umbrella indoors could obvs ruin your day, so stay away from partaking in either of those activities.

5. Wear every single piece of red clothing you own, including socks and underwear. Apparently it's a pretty lucky color.

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6. Not like any of us need to be told this, but don't do chores. Cleaning is presumed to be unlucky on this day.

7. Constantly remind yourself that today will be the best day ever. If you believe it, it can very well happen.


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