8 Ways You Can Steal Laura Marano's Luscious Waves

Laura Marano may be the star of Bad Hair Day, but we can't find one example of the Disney star ever having one in real life. We envy her gorgeous waves. Luckily, we found eight ways to get waves just like Laura's! No need to thank us.

Laura Marano photographed image. She is wearing a blue, purple and white tank top. Her hand is on her head.

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1. Get loose waves for your long hair by following this simple tutorial.

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2. Don't want to use heat on your hair? This tutorial is perfect for you. All you need to do is put your hair into mini-buns, let set, and then let 'em down.

Girl making mini buns on her head using bobby pins. Girl with wavy hair down and facing away from camera.

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3. Use these clever twists to wake up to fab Laura-style waves.

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4. All you need for this look is some freshly curled hair and a bit of hairspray.

Girl spraying hairspray over glob of tossled curls on top of her head. Girl smiling at camera with her hair down.

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5. This loose waves style is so easy to execute, literally ANYONE can do it. Just twist your hair, go over it with a flat iron and you're done!

Girl using flat iron on twisted hair in bathroom. She is wearing hoop earrings.

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6. This hair tutorial takes a little time and energy, but it will leave you with perfect waves!

Tutorial on how to fake natural curl. Girl is scrunching wet hair. Girl is using diffuser on her hair. Girl is curling her hair. Girl is combing her hair. Girl is smiling at camera.

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7. This technique can help all you girls with shorter hair get lovely waves, too.

Girl is using curler on short hair. She is wearing a white tank top and red lipstick. She is in her bedroom.

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8. If you've got plenty of time in the mornings, try this amazing tutorial.

Tutorial on how to get waves for long hair. Girl is using curler on hair. Girl is brushing out curls. Girl is in her bedroom.

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Which method will you use to get Laura's flawless waves? Tell us in the comments below and don't forget to share your daily hair routines with us at Sweety High.