Steal My Girl Music Video Is Bizarre And Empowering!

One Direction's new music video for "Steal My Girl Music" is bizarre, enchanting and inspiration. It may just be the band's most epic music video yet!steal my girl music video one direction

It begins with the boys pouring out of a metal trailer in the middle of the desert. They're on the set of a music video shoot, but the mysterious director is nowhere in sight.

Finally the director, played by Danny Devito, arrives. He tells the band what art is all about, and aims to take One Direction to an entirely new level, bringing life to an arid desert by assigning each One Direction boy with a role.

Harry is Love, Niall is Light, Liam is Power, Louis is Danger and Zayn is Mystery. They have to let everything go before they're to create the greatest music video ever!

And they do! The video is full of an extremely eclectic cast of tribespeople, gymnasts, ballet dancers, a marching band, mimes and more. Louis chills with a chimpanzee in sunglasses as Zayn pours a bucket of paint on a sumo wrestler. This all comes to life onscreen through gorgeous shots of the desert.

Eventually, each of these visions come together in one massive collaborative performance as balloons lift into the sky. It's impossible to watch this and not feel oddly empowered to create!

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