10 of the Steamiest and Most Romantic TV Kisses of All Time

There's just something about our favorite TV shows that never fails to draw us in.

From interesting character dynamics to hot actors and incredible sets to steamy romances, there's so much to unfold. And when we think of the best TV shows, our mind always goes to ones featuring romance. Whether it'The Vampire DiariesGossip Girl or something newer like Outer Banks, we're never disappointed by the love triangles and romantic outings.

In the mood to get a little hot and bothered? Keep scrolling for 10 of the steamiest and most romantic TV kisses and make-outs of all time (in no particular order).


1. Jess and Nick in New Girl

Jess and Nick are goofy, awkward and totally perfect for each other. We love this scene where they keep just missing each other on the elevator and stairs. Only for them to finally find each other and have the kiss of a lifetime, all with Lorde's "Green Light" playing in the background.


2. Sarah and John B in Outer Banks

The sexual tension that was going on between Sarah Cameron and John B on their little getaway was wild. We were so glad when they finally locked lips on the pier. Outer Banks is one of our favorite shows, and this kiss is partly the reason!


3. Blair and Chuck in Gossip Girl

Is there a more iconic kiss than Gossip Girl's Blair and Chuck in the back of a limo? We think not! This kiss was a long time coming and we can't believe we waited until episode seven. It was the start of one beautiful and rocky romance.


4. Beth and Rip in Yellowstone

If you're a fan of Yellowstone, we're willing to bet Beth and Rip are your favorite couple. Sure, they're sometimes toxic, but that's how all great loves are—at least on TV! We love this scene where they're dancing at the ranch and kiss. It's so dreamy and beautiful. Where can we get ourselves a Rip?


5. Elaina and Damon in The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries ended way too soon in our humble opinion. Whether you're team Stefan or team Damon, we can all agree that Damon and Elaina made one hot couple. Their first kiss was totally out of this world and we'll be the first to admit we watch this scene all the time.


6. Piper and Alex in Orange Is the New Black

If you're a fan of Orange Is the New Black, you're definitely familiar with Alex and Piper's relationship. After they both ended up in the same prison together, their romance blossomed again, and we were thrilled. And while it's odd to watch a prison romance unfold, this kiss they shared was pure fire.


7. Rachel and Ross in Friends

Friends is perhaps the most iconic television show in history. If you're a fan, we're willing to bet you're either fans of Monica and Chandler or Ross and Rachel. We're personally Team Ross and Rachel, especially because of their scorching hot kiss in the coffee shop.


8. Betty and Jughead in Riverdale

When Riverdale first aired, we didn't know what we'd been missing. Jughead, aka Cole Sprouse, will forever be our man crush, and seeing his relationship with Betty blossom has been the stuff of dreams. Their first kiss was perfect and we wish we had one like it ourselves.


9. Summer and Seth in The O.C.

Even though The O.C. aired years ago, it's still a total classic in our book. We don't think we will ever get over this coffee cart scene where Seth told Summer they were over if he didn't get up there and kiss him. Even though it sounds like an ultimatum, we were definitely team Seth for this and were so happy when Summer finally showed off their secret relationship.


10. Kurt and Blaine in Glee

Glee is the type of show we could watch again and again and never get sick of it. With so many beautiful relationships to choose from, our fave has to be Kurt and Blaine. This scene where they share a very romantic first kiss brought tears to our eyes—it was a long time coming.


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