Steffi G Tells Us All About Being a Disabled Latina Content Creator

There's nothing we love more than finding new creators to follow, and our latest obsession has to be with Steffi G.

The Latina creator is a beauty guru, part of this year's Sephora Squad. and represents people with disabilities. We couldn't love her more, and the fact that she's the sweetest, most humble human is just icing on the cake! We just had to learn more about Steffi and her journey, and she was kind enough to answer all of our most burning questions in the interview, below.

Sweety High: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Steffi G: My name is Steffi, I was born in Colombia and raised in Miami since the age of 10, and I became a full-time content creator about two years ago.

My passion for all things beauty started at an early age. I loved seeing my mom get her glam on, she would always let me touch her expensive makeup and put on lipstick. I can still close my eyes and remember what her powder foundation and blush smelled like (Lancome in the early '90s).

My mom and grandma always said and continue to say "primero muerta que sensilla," which means "I'd rather be dead than basic"! They would always remind me to put on clear lip gloss, brush my hair and just fall in love with myself in the mirror. I think this was very important for my self-esteem at such an early age, you know? It was a way for them to allow me to see my beautiful self in the mirror constantly, and I just never saw flaws—they made sure of that.

Growing up with my disability was not easy, but I had the greatest support system and the issues that I encountered were related to accessibility for the most part. I have never been someone with low self-esteem. I was raised to love myself and I never let anyone change the way I saw myself. I found refuge in beauty, and it's been my safe space since the beginning of my teenage years!

I've been married for six years and not a day goes by he doesn't tell me I'm beautiful, no matter what I look like. He's a gentle soul and fierce protector. I'm a very lucky girl.

Creating content has always been my dream, and one day I decided to go for it, forgetting about perfection and filters—I wanted to create real and relatable content.

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SH: What was the process of applying to be part of the Sephora Squad?

SG: I started learning about the Sephora Squad during the pandemic, and I would spend hours watching the members and just dreaming of one day being on the other side of the screen.

Fast forward to 2021. I decided to apply, but I never thought my application would be even considered from the literal thousands they receive! I have this saying that the Sephora Squad is the Harvard of beauty, and that's truly how I see it, so no, I never set any expectation when I applied.

But I did pour my heart into the application process. The questions were deep and meaningful. I honestly think I learned a lot about myself filling the application out. I was really proud of having the courage to apply.
Part of the application is asking your audience and people IRL to vouch for you via a testimony, this is where I realized the impact I was having on people. I didn't know just how invested people had been in my journey and how much I had inspired and motivated so many people. It was an emotional roller coaster to see myself through the eyes of others.


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SH: How did it feel when you found out you'd been accepted into the Sephora Squad?

SG: Okay, this is always such an emotional question for me. I was at a photoshoot when I got a break and saw the email. I will never forget how my heart skipped a beat and my hands got so sweaty!!I couldn't believe they had chosen me! It's been an honor to call myself a member of the #SephoraSquad I don't think people understand what that means for me. It means my authentic beauty, my filter-less content creation and my personality were noticed by one of the biggest and most respected beauty giants in the world!

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SH: How does it feel to be Sephora Squad's first disabled Latina creator?

SG: It's very humbling to know that I represent not one but two minorities, and they're being put at the forefront by a brand I grew up admiring. For me, it's an honor, and I'm so happy they chose me because I get to be a role model for so many young beauty enthusiasts. That's something I didn't grow up with and I wish I did.

It also feels like I truly belong, like I've been gifted a beautiful opportunity, and I'm incredibly grateful.


SH: What does your everyday makeup routine look like?

SG: It depends on what I'm up to that day. Being a content creator means every day brings something new. If I don't feel like wearing foundation, I usually go for a concealer, blush, lip oil and mascara combo. Those are usually Kulfi Concealer ($26), Melt Cream Blush ($24) combined with Dior Backstage Rosy Glow Blush ($39), Haus Labs Lip Oil ($24) and One Size Mascara ($25).

If it's a full face of makeup day, I can't go wrong prepping with ILIA Primer ($52) followed by Dior Backstage Foundation ($40), Melt Matte Contour ($39) and an eyeshadow palette from Huda Beauty or Danessa Myricks Colorfix ($18). My lips are forever in Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk ($34) or Armani Beauty Satin Lipstick ($39). I seal the makeup with Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder ($40) and ILIA Setting Mist ($38).

There's just no short version to answer this!


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SH: What does your everyday skincare routine look like?

SG: I've washed my face with the Clinique Cleansing Soap Bar ($17.50) for over 10 years, then I like to spend a few minutes in front of the face steamer (so relaxing) and then I go grab my Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware Pro LED Mask ($435). Once I'm done prepping the skin for the skincare, I Start with the Farmacy Deep Sweep Toner ($30), followed by my Glow Recipe Guava Vitamin C Serum ($45). Depending on how my skin feels, I'll mix in a few drops of the Glow Recipe Strawberry Smooth BHA + AHA Salicylic Acid Serum ($40) and I'll finish with the Belif Aqua Bomb Moisturizer ($38). I can't forget about Glow Recipe's Guava Vitamin C Bright Eyed Gel Cream ($38) and the Alpyn Beauty Willow & Sweet Agave Lip Mask ($28).

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SH: What beauty products can you absolutely not live without?

SG: This is a hard question! I have so many loved products it's hard to choose. But if I had to, I'll pack an emergency bag with moisturizer, hair oil, mascara, blush and lip balms. Okay, maybe I'll need to pack the Sephora Collection Pocket Palette ($10), too because it's all I'd need.


SH: What beauty creators do you love to follow on TikTok?

SG: I love following @ladyymelinda @sollpenamakeup @mikemorea @alexamcmanaman and @glamzilla


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SH: Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

SG: I would like to highlight the hard work of the Sephora and Fohr team to accommodate every bit of accessibility I needed during the in-person #SephoraSquad events this past June in Los Angeles. They went above beyond and more to make sure I was accommodated, but more importantly, that I was fully incorporated into every single activity.

Brands like Sephora that take accessibility and place it at the forefront are so important, not only because it makes them the absolute coolest but because it sets the bar high for others to follow.

I thanked them so much in person, every single one of them, and they all had the same answer for me: "You belong here, we made sure you felt it." I know I belong to something beautiful, and that's the #SephoraSquad

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