11 Sweet Instagram Captions for Every Photo With Your Beloved Step Sister

Just because your step sister isn't related to you by blood doesn't mean that she isn't your real family.

If you and this special person in your life are basically twin souls, use one of these heartfelt Instagram captions for your next sweet photo together to show how much you really love her.

For the sweet group photo including every member of your blended family:

"We aren't 'step,' we're just family."


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For the silly pic of you and your step sister cracking each other up:

"Sisters by heart, not by birth."


For the old snapshot of one of your first meetings with your incredible step sister:

"Family is family, whether it's one you start with, the one you end up with or the family you gain along the way."


For the photo of you and your sister posing on the staircase:

"The only steps in this house are the ones going upstairs."


For the pic showing that you and your sister always stick together, no matter what:

"Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you sisters."


For the shot that shows that, even though you look nothing alike, you and your step sister are true family:

"Families don't have to match. You don't have to look like someone else to love them."

-Leigh Anne Tuohy


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For the  pic of you and your step sister dressed to the nines and looking super cute:

"We may be from different gardens, but together we make the perfect bouquet."


For the shot that shows your sister always has your back:

"Being step sisters means you always have backup."


For the fiercest photo of you and your step sister together:

"You don't need to share DNA to share sisterhood."


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For the TBT pic of your favorite amazing memory with your step sis:

"There is no better friend than a sister, no matter where she comes from."


For the photo that shows you and your step fam are one big, happy family:

"Four parents. Two sisters. One family."


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