Here's Everything You Need To Know About Model Stephanie Viada

Stephanie Viada is more than just a fashion model—she's an inspiration.

The model and entrepreneur, known for her work with brands including Lululemon, Skims, Pretty Little thing and Abercrombie, is also a role model in the body positivity and self-acceptance space. She's on a mission to normalize all body types with her relatable and uplifting lifestyle content for women of all kinds—and with over 591k followers on Instagram, it's clear that message is resonating.

Stephanie radiates confidence through her curvy figure while sharing that nobody needs to be defined by one thing. She strives to make social media healthier by promoting holistic wellness as well as positive self-talk. Rather than pointing out the differences between our bodies, she wants us all to embrace the skin we're in. Basically, she's the definition of a woman crush, and here's everything we discovered about her this Wednesday.

Stephanie Viada Woman Crush Wednesday

(Photo credit: Madelene Lisella)

Name: Stephanie Viada

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Birthday: June 4

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Fun Facts:

1. Stephanie would love to steal her style from Killing Eve's Villanelle.

"She's effortless, edgy, cool and always switches it up—she made kids' pajamas look high fashion."

-Stephanie Viada

2. Her biggest hero is her mom.

"I never really found heroes in Hollywood or in the media. My mom has always been who I look to for life advice, fashion cues and the first person I go to with news or to vent. I value her opinion and I have always thought she was so impressive. I grew up watching her work a full-time corporate job while juggling kids and a family life, and she did it with style and grace. Her fashion sense has always been iconic. She would pick me up from school in a black pantsuit and long red nails and I just always thought she was the coolest."

-Stephanie Viada

3. Spending time at home re-centering herself helps pick her up when she's discouraged.

"I love to read and get lost in fantasy worlds. A hard reset is always the answer for me. I also find that getting out into nature is super therapeutic. I love to hike with my friend Chelsea and bounce ideas and problems off of her. I always feel clearer and ready to look at something from a fresh perspective afterward."

-Stephanie Viada

4. She'd love to get better at public speaking.

"I have gotten much better this past year, but it is still one of my biggest fears and something I really feel I should be more comfortable with at this point in my career."

-Stephanie Viada

5. She relates to Ariel more than any other Disney Princess.

"She has her little pack of animal confidantes like I do. She loves the ocean and can't help but collect and hoard all her favorite shiny things."

-Stephanie Viada

6. Sublime is her all-time favorite musical group—and while most people wouldn't guess it, she also loves Blue Öyster Cult and Marilyn Manson.

7. She sees Lyra Belaqua from The Golden Compass as a major inspiration.

"I grew up reading that book over and over and have a Golden Compass-inspired tattoo! I always loved her character and her strength."

-Stephanie Viada

8. Stephanie is a total gamer.

"My favorite games are either Bioshock or Kameo and my favorite free-world sandbox game is GTA5."

-Stephanie Viada

9. Her biggest guilty pleasure is staying home, binge-watching TV and enjoying comfort food during her time off.

"I love to veg out in the dark with my dogs and fiancé and just relax and get into a new show!"

-Stephanie Viada

10. Willow has always been at the top of her list of favorite movies.

"I think it's still my favorite because it's so nostalgic for me."

-Stephanie Viada

11. Stephanie's love for animals will always be a major part of her identity.

"Before modeling, that was what I did with my life. I was a wildlife rehabilitator, a vet tech and I worked with IFAW and sea mammal stranding groups on Cape Cod. It has always been my No. 1 passion. Now that I model full-time, I try to do what I can for shelter dogs, specifically senior and disabled dogs. I currently have three and can't wait to adopt many more when I have the time and space! Adopt, don't shop!"

-Stephanie Viada


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