Add Some Flair to Your Sticker Collection With These Unique Finds

If you're looking to add a pop of cool to your laptop, cellphone, school notebook or just life in general, it's time to get a jumpstart on your sticker collection.

Don't know where to begin? Start with us, here.

We've got 13 of the cutest, coolest and quirkiest stickers that will add instant flair to any old item. Scroll below and get collecting!

Motivational Sticker Patch: $8

Need some extra words of encouragement to get through your day? This sticker's got your back. It'll remind you to stay unique and it's the perfect add-on to any purse, phone case or binder.

Sticker Patch by Kitsch

(via Kitsch)


Jumbo Girl Power Sticker Collection: $10

It's true, we are all about serious fun, and this sticker collection is the perfect way to showcase that. We are in l-o-v-e with this five-pack collection. jumbo sticker collection

(via Bando)


Spaced Out Plushie Sticker Pack: $16

We embrace weirdness over here at Sweety High, so, of course we're obsessed with this out-of-this-world sticker pack. Totally radical.

Spaced Out Sticker Pack

(via Skinny Dip)


Donut Cat Sticker: $2.90

A cat in a donut. Need we say more? You need this sticker in your life.

Donut cat sticker

(via Etsy)


Punny Cat Fish Sticker: $4

We adore this cute and punny cat fish sticker. A good double entendre always gets us laughing.

Cat Fish Sticker

(via Etsy)


Majestic Rainbow Unicorn Sticker: $4

This vibrant little unicorn will be sure to brighten up any item lacking some zest. ????

Rainbow Unicorn Sticker

(via Etsy)


Throwback Gameboy Color Vinyl Sticker: $0.69

Go back in time with this retro cool Game Boy Color sticker. You'll give all your friends some major throwback vibes.

Gameboy Color Vinyl Stickers

(via Etsy)


Adorable Chibi Narwhal Kawaii Sticker: $2.51

Please tell us we're not the only ones who want to buy a dozen of these and stick them on every plain surface in sight. Too cute.

Narwhal Stickers from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Shark Girl Sticker Pack: $4.50

These odd shark girls are whacky and chic. They're a guaranteed conversation-starter.

Shark girl sticker pack

(via Krystan Saint Cat)


Spooky Princess Peach Sticker: $1

As huge Nintendo fans, we have a true appreciation for this spooky Princess Peach sticker. Even adorned in skulls, we still think Peach looks on point.

Spooky Princess Peach Sticker

(via Califlower)


Kawaii Pokémon Sticker Pack: $3

We. Love. Pokémon. The super sweet Kawaii stickers will let everyone know that.

Pokemon Stickerpack

(via Califlower)


Watercolor Corgi Sticker: $2.50

Please do yourself a favor and buy a few of these and pass them out. You'll bring a smile to someone's face.

Watercolor Corgi Stickers from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Starbucks and Lily Pulitzer Hybrid Sticker: $6

And finally, you know we love combining two of our fave things, so of course we're obsessed with this Lily Pulitzer/Starbucks logo. It's simply magnifique.

Starbucks and Lily Pulitzer Sticker

(via Etsy)


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