Stickii Club's Sticker Packs Add Cuteness and Color to Any Journaling Project

In these troubling times, it's the little things that sometimes make the biggest impact.

For example, the right set of precious stickers can be a little dose of sunshine on a dreary day, and since we can't exactly go out sticker shopping right now, Stickii Club has come to the rescue. They're a subscription service that masterfully curates themed monthly sticker packs, and the sets they put together are a sight to behold. The company was kind enough to send me a number of mind-bendingly cute sets of stickers, and here's what I thought of the whole experience.

The Product

For $10 (plus $1 shipping, if you live in the U.S.), the Stickii Club subscription service will ship a package of adorable stickers and so much more to your door every month. Each pack includes a minimum of five sticker sheets, two themed stickers, a pad of Stickii sticky notes, two stationery items (such as unique paperclips, sticker patches, postcards or bookmarks) sticker flakes and a Stickii storage insert, which fits inside of A5 six-hole binders and is handy beyond your sticker storing needs.

Plus, each pack is beautifully curated around a specific theme and there are three main varieties of stickers to enjoy, so you can depend on getting stickers that fit your own unique aesthetic. There's a Cute Pack a Retro Pack and a Pop Pack, so you can pick the one that matches you or try all three if you have more eclectic tastes. And if you don't like to leave things to chance, you can also buy past packs for $13.99, or piecemeal sticker sheets, paper clip sets and more starting at 99 cents.

Stickii Club Sticker Storage pack


The Sticker Packs

Take It Slow

The Take It Slow set came in the pink Cute Pack, and it absolutely lived up to my adorable expectations. It features a lot of cute animals—especially slow ones, including snails, sloths and turtles, plus lots of lazing cats and other critters doing mundane tasks that somehow become irresistible when done by animals. There's also a sweet turtle-shaped paperclip, and a set of mini envelope-shaped sticky notes that are perfect for leaving quick messages to yourself. If you happen to take up bullet-journaling while you're stuck inside, the little stickers of animals doing stuff might be the perfect complement to writing about whatever you're doing at home.

Stickii Club Take It Slow sticker pack


Lovely Picnic

Who knew picnics could be this cute? This Cute Pack set is themed around gingham, cute foods and hungry animals. Even though they're all slightly different aesthetically, they somehow all fit together perfectly, too. While my favorite stickers are the bento box and nigiri sticker flakes, but the sticker sheet of the girl sleeping on her picnic blanket is a close second. Plus, it comes with a patch sticker resembling a box of Pocky, a strawberry paper clip and a set of sticky notes shaped like a paper plate and fork. It is all things kawaii, and I couldn't ask for more.

Stickii Club Lovely Picnic sticker Pack


The Ball

You'll notice that The Ball sticker set is a lot different than what you've seen before. That's because the Retro Packs are quite different from the Cute Packs, focusing more on elegance and classic imagery. This pack features stamp-like music sheets and portraits, chandeliers, fine china, elegant instruments, shoes cakes and more. It also contains tiny stationery and envelopes, so you can send a little letter to a loved one, and a set of sticky notes that looks like a draped curtain near a window. They won't be everyone's cup of tea, but those who do enjoy the frilly, fancy imagery will love these stickers.

Stickii Club The Ball sticker pack


Fairies in the Garden

This Retro Pack sticker set also utilizes vintage designs, but to much different effect. It features many fairy-like figures, butterflies and flora, including very cute flake stickers of flower forest creatures. It also includes a couple of whimsical black and white postcards, a leaf-shaped paper clip, and my new favorite sticky notes in the form of a set of three beautiful and differently shaped leaves. They're perfect for adding a pop of leafy color to wherever you're collecting your stickers.

Stickii Club Fairies in the Garden sticker Pack


Space Invaders

When I got to the Pop Packs, I understood immediately that these would be the sticker sets I'd order if I were to subscribe myself. Everything about this space and alien-themed pack is right up my alley, from the washi tape-like galaxy stickers and starry borders to loads of extraterrestrial characters, astronauts and even planets. The flake stickers are all bold pop art pieces, the UFO paperclip is out-of-this-world, and the sticky notes featuring the alien abduction of a cat is both eye-catching and hilarious. And there are few things more practical than stickers with the days of the week on them—especially if they're in the shape of alien heads.

Stickii Club Space Invaders sticker pack


The Pastelgoth set cemented the Pop Pack as my favorite of the three styles, and was my very favorite of the six packs I was sent. It's part witchy, part astrological, part tech, and part supernatural, all in bold pinks, mints and purples. Every single sticker is super striking and quirky, including the colorful gift box flake stickers, a giant spray paint bottle sticker, a broken heart paperclip and "punk" sticky notes. If you want stickers that really stand out, the Pop Pack is probably right for you.

Stickii Club Pastelgoth sticker pack


Putting Them to Use

I'm someone who usually struggles to use her stickers. I stink at committing to using them. What if I place a sticker here, and realize later that it would have been better to stick it elsewhere?

But something about Stickii Club's darling stickers just dare to be stuck. Since I've been using My Infinite Agenda since last year, I decided it would be fun to introduce some stickers to my journaling. I've never been much of a bullet journal-er, mostly using journals that already have the fields ready for me to fill in, but that didn't mean I couldn't blend the two functions.

I decided to use a number of the fabulous paperclips to note my current page, and use stickers to doll the page up as well as mark significant dates. I loved that I had certain moon phase stickers, allowing me to track the night sky, and that I could use other stickers to symbolically mark paydays, Easter, birthdays and more. While I'm pretty happy with the layout of my calendar, I may add even more stickers as the month progresses.Stickii Club Stickers in Notebook

I've also had a personal journal lying by the side of my bed for the last couple of weeks, but I've been struggling to get started, unsure of where I want to go with it. There's something about a blank notebook that can make me want to leave it blank. Eventually, I made the leap, and finally placed some very cute stickers on the first page for today. What will I write here? I still don't know, but I've made the commitment, and I will definitely have something there by the end of the day—and that's all thanks to Stickii Club.



Bottom Line

If you're a sticker fan with $11 to spare, I don't see a reason you shouldn'give Stickii Club a shot. With three vastly different styles to choose from, there's a little something for every kind of sticker fan, and for all of the greatness inside each pack, it's well worth the value. Whether you use lots of stickers on the regular, or are just looking to spice up your journals or notebooks with a bit of flair, Stickii Club knows their stickers and won't disappoint.


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