These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Going Most Stir-Crazy Amid Quarantine

There's no question that everyone's undergoing their own series of struggles amid coronavirus-induced quarantine.

Whether it's not being able to see your BFF or S.O., or no longer dining at your favorite eatery, every single one of us has a person, place or activity we miss.

That said, some are handling social distancing better than others. While a chunk of us are able to focus and thrive, others are bored or anxious out of their minds.

Keep reading for the four zodiac signs going most stir-crazy amid quarantine.



You're nothing if not busy, Aries. Up until this point, you didn't even know the meaning of a "rest day." And now that you've been hit with several months of them against your will, you're majorly panicking. Luckily, your sign is incredibly resourceful, and you're slowly but surely adapting to the new normal. It's uncharacteristic of your sign to be lazy or give up, and this challenging time is no exception. While yes, you're incredibly frustrated, you're finding ways to effectively go about things as well as can be done. But you're the first to admit you're going a little mad.

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As the most social, restless sign of the zodiac, yikes—Gemini, this quarantine situation is hitting you hard. There are only so many Houseparty meetups you can handle—you need human contact. With no gym or group workout classes to let out your aggression, you're beside yourself. As it is, you're not the best sleeper, so it's not even like you can just snooze the time away.



Quarantine is a double-edged sword for you, lioness Leo. Part of you thrives off your active social life and the attention you get when you're in big crowds; but the other side of your sign prefers putting in minimal effort (unless, of course, it's at the hands of a professional). So while it's killing you to be stuck on your couch with no admirers in sight (mom and dad don't count), you relish in the idea that you can throw on sweats, put your hair in a bun and call it a day. Okay, okay, but who are we kidding? Leo needs that human contact. Instagram selfies are getting real old, real fast.


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"Adventurous" and "outdoorsy" are the words most synonymous with Sag—two terms least associated with quarantine. While you're doing your best to make do with morning jogs or neighborhood walks, being confined to your living space has you going crazy. You can't help but think about all of the nature you could be exploring right now, or how you'd much rather be rock climbing or trucking along on your bike. You feel so useless trapped inside your home. You miss physical contact (no offense mom and dad), and you spend your free time daydreaming about your next big travel.


Whether you're in the above list or not, HERE's how everyone can keep boredom at bay, based on their zodiac sign.