The Best Stocking Stuffers You Can Nab for $10 or Less

When it comes to buying gifts for the holiday, we prefer to shop smarter (and safer) by sticking to presents that won't hurt our bank accounts.

Rather than big, expensive gifts our friends and family might not even like, we love bundling smaller, less expensive goodies that are still sure to delight. That's why we love the idea of stocking stuffers—and here are some of the best items to put in stockings that can all be found for under $10.

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Gift Cards

While many parents still tend to think it's a faux pas to give gift cards for Christmas, it's the digital age, and we love getting the chance to buy ourselves exactly what we want, when we want. You can't go wrong with gift cards, whether they're for iTunes, Starbucks, Target, Amazon or anywhere else. There'always something you can buy yourself at these stores, and $10 gift cards add up, so these never go to waste.


Fuzzy Socks

The more time we spend on this earth, the more time we appreciate a delightful pair of fuzzy socks during the wintertime. Fuzzy socks with soft fabric, bold colors and fun patterns make anyone happy. Plus, since socks are something we wear pretty much every day, having more fun pairs adds a little joy to the monotony of daily life.

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Airpod Cases

Super cute Airpod cases can be found on Amazon or at Target or Walmart for just under $10, and they're the perfect accessory for customizing any pair of Airpods. After all, no one wants to lose their precious Airpods, and the case that reminds you of the person you're spoiling this year is sure to brighten their day.


Reusable Straws

These days, all of us are more aware of how many one-time-use plastics we're using, and our individual impacts on the environment. Reusable and collapsible metals straws make a great gift because they can be taken anywhere. Not only will they look good sipping out of their straw, but they're also doing good for the environment, one drink at a time.

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Bath Bombs

We don't know a single person who can't benefit from a little self-care this holiday season. Bath bombs make the perfect gift for anyone you know who needs to slow down and take a deliciously scented bath to help them melt away the stress. Plus, they come in fun shapes and colors, with amazing scents, giving them something great to look forward to in the new year.


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