How to Stop Being a Sore Loser Once and for All

We all get down on ourselves after we're defeated at anything.

Losing is not fun, so it's incredibly easy to turn into everyone's worst nightmare—a sore loser. Hey, it happens. We get it, as we haven't always been the best losers ourselves.

If you're over being an awful loser, and especially tired of getting called out for it, below are our tips on how to stop being a sore loser once and for all:

Congratulate the Winner

Immediately after you lose anything, no matter how minimal it is, make sure to congratulate the winner. You may be royally pissed you didn't win, but it takes a big person to applaud someone else's success over rejecting it. So the next time you lose a big game or don't get the job over someone else, give your opponent the praise they deserve.

Rachel Berry and Santana fighting on Glee

(Glee via Fox)


Acknowledge Your Loss

It's so easy to make excuses as to why you lost something. You could've been sick, injured, everything could've just been stacked against you, the other person could've cheated, etc. Instead of offering up a slew of reasons for why you lost, simply accept the fact that you lost. There's nothing more to it than that. At the end of the day, you can't change the outcome, so just accept it and move on.


Hide Your Disdain Behind Closed Doors

If you're genuinely upset about about losing, don't show it. Keep the complaining buried deep down inside of you until you're in a safe space all by yourself. No one needs (or wants) to see you throw a hissy fit over your defeat, so hide away in your room, lock the door and scream it out until you feel better.

Cheryl crying in the locker room on Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)


Focus on What You Did Right

Yes, you lost, but we bet you also did some pretty amazing things in the process. Focus on all the moments—no matter how few they may be—that you did something right. It will definitely make your loss feel a whole lot better. Heck, it'll maybe even make it feel like a win.


Look at It as a Learning Opportunity

There's no such thing as failing, unless you don't learn from your mistakes. Go back and look at what went wrong to glean insight from those mistakes. Doing so will only make you a stronger, more resilient person in the process. Plus, look at it this way, losing at something means you have nowhere to go but up. You're one loss away from a win.

Maya and Riley fighting with Lucas on Girl Meets World

(Girl Meets World via Disney Channel)


Don't let losing make you feel like you suck. If you can't shake that feeling, HERE are few reasons why it's okay to be bad at the things you love.