Storm Reid Takes Sweety High Through a Typical 24 Hours in Quarantine

*Note: This interview took place on May 19.


Quarantine is incredibly overwhelming for everyone—even the most successful, busy individuals around.

We spoke with Euphoria star Storm Reid, who opened up to us about her days during social isolation. It's reassuring to know we're not alone, and she's experiencing the expected ups and downs of the situation, too.

From maintaining her part as a role model and navigating a new partnership with Sweet Earth, to keeping busy with other activities and staying in touch with friends and loved ones, she takes us through a typical 24 hours in quarantine. Read her interview below:

SH: What's keeping you sane during quarantine?

SR: I've been doing a lot of working out. It's helped me escape a little bit when I feel overwhelmed. Spending time with my family has also been great. Thankfully, I've been quarantining with people who I actually like. I'm also reaching out to people that I'm not able to quarantine with, whether that's family, friends or loved ones, and just being able to have long conversations with them and check on them has been very important.

So, the intersection of many things, but working out, staying in communication with my loved ones, and watching TV—binge watching things—and just having a balance of everything that I've been doing. Just being able to have work to do has really made me go harder and feel a little bit more motivated.

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SH: What does a typical day in quarantine look like for you?

SR: I'm trying to get back on a schedule because I feel like quarantine messed my sleeping schedule up a lot. I typically try to wake up early in the morning, and like I said, I've been working, so every day I have conference calls, interviews and Zoom calls, so I get dressed, get myself together and go downstairs with my mom and we do our calls and emails. Typically after that, I work out, eat and then finish up school. I relax for the rest of the day. It really depends because sometimes we have to go out for essentials, so that kind of has to be integrated into our schedule, so it changes day to day.

I would say, after I've done all the things that I've needed to do, I'm typically super duper sweaty because working out is one of the things I do last. So, after I work out, I take a shower. Then I go in my room and turn on my TV or some music, light a candle and talk to friends and family. Sometimes I go on my computer and do some unnecessary shopping that I don't need to do, but I do anyway. And I spend time with my mom and my dogs and that's about it!


SH: What shows are you currently binging?

SR: I'm currently obsessed with The Last Dance—the Michael Jordan documentary that's been coming on every Sunday. That's been incredible because I'm a big sports fan. I watched Little Fires Everywhere, which I thought was super duper great. I've also been watching a whole bunch of movies on Netflix.


SH: Do you have any advice for girls struggling during quarantine?

SR: I feel like the best advice is not just geared towards girls, but if you feel like you're struggling in quarantine, just know that you're not alone. It feels very different not being able to do what you do on a normal basis, which I think is upsetting to everyone. But just know there are tons and tons of people going through the same thing, and there are people who are thinking about you and are trying to uplift your spirits through light and love, even though you may not know them.

It's important, like I said, to stay in community and reach out to people and have long conversations and take time for yourself to reevaluate. Really try to be creative during this time—that's what helps me—being creative and motivating myself and those around me! When this is all over and we are able to go back to our regular lifestyles, we can have something that drives us and pushes us to do something better and be of service. That would be my main advice. Just know that you're not alone, and be kind to other people because you never know what someone is going through.


SH: Do you have any go-to skincare products you've been using during quarantine?

SR: I don't wear much makeup in my free time because I like to let my skin breathe. But I do like using Vaseline or Aquaphor to make my lips a little moisturized and shiny, or just some lip gloss. I always have those two things because they make me feel a little more confident, even when I'm in sweats and a hoodie. And I feel a little bit cuter when I have some lip gloss on.

SH: Partnering with Sweet Earth has also kept you busy during this time. Tell us about that.

SR: I'm partnering with Sweet Earth Foods to share my favorite tips and tricks to keeping a positive and healthy body and mind. Even though I'm not a vegan, I love to eat food that tastes really good, and Sweet Earth Foods is that. I love going to vegan restaurants, so when this opportunity came up I was like, "of course!" And then I tried the products, and not only are they plant-based and healthy, but they're delicious and mouthwatering. Like I said, I'm a foodie so I was all in when they came to the table.

I also love that they're doing something purposeful with the collaboration. I always try aligning myself with things that have a message and are going to help people, and the brand is donating $1.5 million in Awesome Burgers to Feeding America, which I love. The brand is healthy and it's trying to not only make my life now healthier and better, but trying to do that for others. When we're in the space of people not really knowing what to do and people are struggling and they're affected by COVID-19, Sweet Earth Foods is trying to help those people who are affected as well.

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SH: Would you consider going fully plant-based in the future? Are there other eating regimens you adhere to?

SR: I truthfully don't feel like I have enough willpower to be completely plant-based, but like I said, we try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Especially because my mom has been a pescatarian for a while, we try to practice certain stuff. Collaborating with Sweet Earth was such a natural collaboration because we try to eat healthy, but we're also foodies and from the South. So, we like stuff that's delicious, but we're also on the go. With Sweet Earth Foods, we can have the food in our freezer and it's convenient, tasty, plant-based and really good and sustainable. Even though I'm not completely plant-based, if I was, all I'd be eating is Sweet Earth Foods.

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