Story Of My Life Music Video Makes Fans Nostalgic!

Over the weekend, One Direction released a Story Of My Life music video that full of inspiration and nostalgia for Directioners everywhere to enjoy!Story Of My Life Music Video

The new video was directed by Ben Winston, who also directed One Direction's films A Year in the Making, and This Is Us, as well as the hilarious music video for "Best Song Ever"!

The video for "Story Of My Life" begins with the boys in a darkroom developing old family photographs, which come alive with show One Direction and their families where they are today.

Viewers get a chance to see Zayn Malik and his adorable younger sister Waliyha, Niall Horan with older brother Greg, and Harry Styles and his mother, Anne Cox.

We also get to see Liam with his whole family, including sisters Nicole and Ruth and his mother and father, and experience a rather sad and touching moment with Louis' photo, in which his grandparents disappear when the photo comes into the modern day.

This song and music video are sure to make fans out of everyone who experiences them. Tell us what you think of the new video below!

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Watch One Direction's behind-the-scenes video for their "Story Of My Life" music video below!