It's Magical Vs. Mysterious In New Strange Magic Trailer!

The first trailer is out for the upcoming Lucasfilm Ltd. 3D animated movie "Strange Magic"!strange magic trailer

The film takes place in a dark fairy world, divided in two between the realms of the magical and mysterious. When one mysterious monsters crosses the line between the two lands, a war is set in motion.

Soon, the mysterious kingdom's Bog King attempts to  to gain possession of a destructive potion, while the magical kingdom does all they can to keep it out of his evil clutches. He kidnaps the magical kingdom princess's sister, with hilarious and unexpected results!

The film's story was dreamed up by Star Wars creator George Lucas and inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream, giving the classic a story a new twist with a musical element incorporating pop hits!

The movie hits theaters on January 23. Check out the trailer below and share your thoughts with us at Sweety High!