From Axolotls to Wallabies, You Won't Believe These Photos of Unusual Pets

We won't deny that cats and dogs make great pets, but have you considered something a little more exotic?

It's time to think outside the box and fall in love with these strange and unusual pets.


Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders are marsupials—meaning they carry their babies around in a pouch— and have a web of skin stretching between their arms and legs that allows them to elegantly glide from tree to tree (or around your living room)

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Fennec Fox

Fennec foxes are notable for their big adorable ears. In the wild, they live in deserts, where those ears help them stay cool.

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Goliath Beetle

Goliath beetles are some of the biggest insects on earth. They typically live in tropical forests in Africa and eat sap and fruit, so even if you think they're on the creepy-crawly side, don't be scared!

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Wallabies are like kangaroos but smaller—and even cuter!


Giant African Land Snail

A lot of people wouldn't think of a snail as a great pet, but the biggest land snail on earth is a gentle giant. You're not allowed to have them in the U.S., but in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, people love keeping them as pets.



Capybaras are the biggest rodents in the world. They come from South America, where they live near water and love to go for swims.



These small wild cats from Africa have distinctive spots and giant cupped ears that are perfect for picking up far off sounds. Be warned: They need a lot of space to roam to feel free and happy.



The bizarrely charming amphibian axolotl is also known as the Mexican salamander. Unlike other amphibians, they never go through metamorphosis, and they live their entire lives underwater (which is how they got their other nickname, "Peter Pans").

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Skinny Pig

Mostly-hairless guinea pigs are known by enthusiasts as "skinny pigs." Some people think they look like big naked rats, but we think they're quite photogenic.

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Caracals are medium-sized wild cats from Africa. Their most recognizable feature is fluffy tufted ears!


Pac-Man Frog

Pac-Man frogs are named after the round dot-eating video game character of the same name. They're often kept as pets because, in addition to being cute, they love to eat household pests including mice and rats.


Pygmy Goat

Like a normal goat, but pygmy! Its small size makes it more practical for living inside.



It's legal to keep a pet as a skunk in the United Kingdom, though you're not allowed to remove the glands that produce their notoriously stinky scent. Don't make them mad and you should be fine.


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