If You're All About Justice For Barb, You Need These Items

Barb Holland was an instant Stranger Things fan favorite, and there's no question why. Her success even garnered the actress, Shannon Purser, an Emmy nomination, which is doing its part in achieving justice for Barb.

Accolades aside, we immediately related to her character and were rightfully shocked when all signs pointed towards doom in the Upside Down.

We'll just have to wait and see what season two brings for Barb this October, but until then, stock up on these items inspired by our fave character.

'Missing' Lapel Pin: $9.51

The public really needs to know that despite the end of the season, we're not considering this a cold case.

Missing Barb lapel pin

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Upside-Adele Shirt: $21.72+

This Adele x Barb shirt is everything. Mashup of two of our fave ladies? I think so.

Hello from the other side Adele Barb shirt

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Stranger Things Alternative Poster: $21.16+

Finally, a poster that features the real star of the show. PS how terrifying. 

Alternative Stranger Things poster

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I Am Barb Button: $2.04

In case there was any question. This button will look A+ on your bookbag as you saunter into school with those high-waisted jeans.

I Am Barb cute button

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Forever Em-Barb-ery: $16.30

Love the pop of color in this simple yet detailed embroidery piece.

Embroidered Forever Barb decor

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Barb Deserved Better Sweatshirt: $15.99+

What so Will is rescued but Barb is doomed to the Upside Down? Raise your hand if you believe that Barb deserved better… and then slip those raised arms into this sweater.

Embroidery style Barb sweatshirt

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Barb Pop! Figure + Keychain: $12.50

You know that Barb would love a good study date, so keep her on your desk! For a smaller and even cuter version, check out the keychain version HERE.

Barb Pop! figure

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Upside Down Heart Shirt: $16

Love from the Upside Down!

Upside Down heart Barb shirt

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Milk Carton Sticker: $1.36

This milk carton sticker will help spread the word.

Milk carton missing Barb sticker

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Saint Barb Candle: $19.45

We both know you have a Queen Bey candle, now you need Saint Barb to add to your collection.

Saint Barb prayer candle

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Gang's All Here Sticker Pack: $5.48

Barb is def getting lonely in the Upside Down, so grab this sticker pack to make her feel right at home in Hawkins.

Pack of Stranger Things character stickers

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Barb Earrings: $10

For anyone calling you "Four Eyes," I'd like to see them do the math while you wear these.

Barb head earring studs

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WWBD Dad Hat: $20

Always ask the important questions in life: What would Barb do? She wouldn't blow off her BFF for a mean boy, that's for sure.

WWBD dad hat in purple

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We Are All Barb Tote: $18

Barb would be all about reusable totes.

We are all Barb light purple tote

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While we won't stop rooting for Barb, there's another television show that has us cheering. If you ship Bughead on Riverdale, you need THESE romantic accessories.