Channel Your Inner Eleven With These 'Stranger Things'-Inspired Scrunchies

First things first—have you watched the latest season of Stranger Things? Yeah, we thought you might have. You probably noticed the subtle shift in fashion—and we are here for it.

stranger things eleven scrunchie

Eleven makes us want to bring the '80s back with her wide array of scrunchies. So, in light of embracing our inner wild child, we've rounded up some scrunchies that Eleven would be obsessed with.

Free People Solid Shimmer Scrunchie: $8

This olive shade is perfect for fall—just imagine yourself frolicking through a pumpkin patch with your hair tied up in this cutie!


(via Free People)


Topshop Satin Scrunchie: $9

We love a good satin scrunchie—it leaves no creases in your hair. This fun and bright shade is versatile in that it can be worn during the summer or fall.


(via Topshop)


Urban Outfitters Velvet Hair Scrunchie Set: $12

With five options to choose from, you'll never have an outfit your scrunchie doesn'go with. Our faves are the mustard and leopard colors.


(via Urban Outfitters)


Nordstrom Pack of 5 Assorted Scrunchies: $15

These shades of blue are so cute and would look great in your hair. From polka dots to stripes, you've got a scrunchie for every occasion.


(via Nordstrom)


Anthropologie Ava Ponytail Holder Set: $18

If you're a girly-girl at heart, you need this scrunchie set from Anthro. The warm pastel shades are stunning—you'll be sure to receive lots of compliments.


(via Anthropologie)


Free People Oversize Pearl Scrunchie: $16

Wearing a scrunchie doesn't necessarily mean you can't dress up your outfit. This one from Free People is bedazzled with pearls to give it that extra class.


(via Free People)


Topshop Pastel Animal Print Scrunchie: $12

We are living for animal print at the moment. Even if you don't plan on putting your hair up, this would make a cute accessory on your wrist.


(via Topshop)


Nordstrom Slip for Beauty Sleep Bunny Scrunchie Set: $45

If you're anything like us, beauty sleep is a must. Get some much-needed rest while wearing one of these cute scrunchies—you'll wake up with fuss-free hair and no creases.


(via Nordstrom)


Urban Outfitters Days of the Week Scrunchie Set: $12

If you're indecisive when it comes to choosing a color, a scrunchie set is your best bet. These muted hues aren't too in-your-face and are a great pop of color.


(via Urban Outfitters)


Free People Neon Workout Scrunchie: $8

The '80s are calling, and this neon scrunchie is so on-trend. We love how it calls attention to itself, so definitely make it the focus of your outfit.


(via Free People)


Topshop Velvet 2 Pack Scrunchies: $16

These velvet scrunchies are not only soft to the touch, but they're great for putting your hair up. We recommend putting half your hair up to really show off the scrunchie.


(via Topshop)


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