Unique Stranger Things-Inspired Items Even the Biggest of Superfans Probably Don't Own

You may have watched Netflix's Stranger Things over 100 times through, but you're not a true fan unless you own some seriously sick show-inspired swag.

If you need a little help finding something not everyone else has, we've found 11 unique items perfect for all you superfans out there.

Things are about to get strange.

Stranger Things Candle: $6

Do you crave the scent of a warm, buttery waffle just like Eleven? Well then this candle is just the thing you need.

Stranger Things El's Waffles scented candle

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Stranger Things Minnie Mouse Ears: $29.99

Make your next trip to a Disney Park strange by rocking these Minnie Mouse ears. They're even festive enough to wear to the park during holiday season, which is rapidly approaching.

Stranger Things Minnie Mouse ears

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Stranger Things' Barb Sweatshirt: $39.99

As if you didn't already want this Barb sweatshirt enough, actress Shannon Purser who plays Barb helped design it. Better add it to your shopping cart ASAP.

Barb from Stranger Things inspired sweatshirt

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Stranger Things Soap: $6

We wonder if this soap will help us communicate with Will.

Stranger Things-inspired soap

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Stranger Things Lip Balm: $3.75

Inspired by the Upside Down, this lip balm is a hazelnut and praline-flavored. It makes the Upside Down sound a lot less terrifying.

The Upside Down flavored lip balm

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Stranger Things' Eleven Sticker Pack: $6.25

You can bet we'll be sticking these bad boys on anything and everything in sight. All hail Eleven!

Stranger Things Eleven sticker pack

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Stranger Things Fridge Magnets: $30

Contact anyone trapped in the Upside Down with a little help from this handy-dandy magnet set.

Stranger Things fridge magnets

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Stranger Things Character Print: $25

Show off your love for the ultimate squad by hanging this simplistic print up in your room.

Stranger Things kids character print

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Stranger Things VHS Tape Lamp: $40

This may just look like an ordinary VHS tape at first glance, but it doubles as a nifty lamp. See, VHS tapes are useful.

Stranger Things VHS Tape Lamp

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Stranger Things Mug: $9.98

We won't lie, we've never seen a mug cooler than this one. Coffee, tea, chocolate milk, everything tastes a little bit better coming out of this cup.

Stranger Things "Friends Don't Lie" mug

(via Etsy)


Stranger Things Bookmark: $3.50

How adorable are these little cartoon versions of the characters?! Even the Demogorgon looks like a straight up cuddlebug.

Stranger Things bookmark

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