5 Times We Wanted to Be Part of Stranger Things' Crew on Emmys Night

The cast of Netflix's hit summer show, Stranger Things, has had their lives turned Upside Down in all the right ways.

Their series didn't come out in time for an Emmy nod, but the young cast completely stood out and won over all of our hearts at the big awards show last night.

It's safe to say these kids are some serious stars in the making. If you're familiar with the show, you know that Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) isn't exactly chummy with all of the boys. But IRL these cast mates are the epitome of BFF goals.

Check out some of their best squad moments at the 2016 Emmy Awards below:

1. When They Were the Cool Kids on the Red Carpet

In the show, their characters are a bit on the nerdy side. The boys spend hours upon hours playing board games in the basement and get picked on by bullies at school. But at the Emmys, they were the coolest crew on the red carpet.


2. When They Went Bold With Their Wardrobe

These three faves came dressed to impress. They each wore a bold print that made them stand out even more from the rest of the crowd. It's no question that they made it onto the Best Dressed list, further proving they are the coolest crew in town.

Cutest cuties on the #Emmys red carpet: The #StrangerThings kids. ????

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3. When They Performed a Choreographed Dance

The three castmates got on stage to perform a cover of Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk." They looked like they were having the time of their lives on stage singing in front of thousands of the biggest stars in television. Their squad goals totally leveled up when they busted out some choreographed moves. They each dabbed in unison to finish off their pre-show performance.


4. When They Got Into Character

During the show, they rode down the aisles on bikes decked out in their costumes from the show. Yes, Millie sported her character, Eleven's, iconic wig. During the skit, they passed out PB&J sandwiches to the hungry nominees. Each brown bag came with a juice box and handwritten napkin note. These cast mates are truly sharing a once-in-a-lifetime memory.


5. When They Were Inseparable

There was hardly a moment when these three besties weren't together at the awards. From the red carpet to their live performance and many selfies in between, these cast mates traveled like BFFs in a pack. We're just sad Finn Wolfhard, who played Mike, couldn't make it. But he was busy filming a new movie, so we forgive him.


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