These Stranger Things-Inspired Nail Designs Will Transport You Into the Upside Down

For the second year in a row, Stranger Things has taken the world by storm.

Not only has the talented young cast completely captured our hearts, but the inventive story line and high-quality cinematic effects have us completely engrossed in this thrilling series.

And we're not the only ones. The internet is filled with people who have caught the Stranger Things bug, and one of our favorite results is the showinspired nail art that's currently taking over Instagram.

Scroll below for a few of our favorite designs that will immediately transport you into the Upside Down.

Demogorgon Nail Art

This incredibly artistic design fully embraces the darker elements of the Stranger Things universe.


'Friends Don't Lie' Nail Art

These nails are a sweet reminder of the beautiful friendship between Eleven and Mike.


Eleven Nail Art

Pay homage to our favorite girl boss with this creative and captivating nail design.

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Midnight Bike Trip Nail Art

This nails will help you capture the essence of the gang's heroic mission to save Will.

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Will's Warning Nail Art

If you need a constant reminder that a Demogorgon could be lurking around every corner, these are the nails for you.


Opening Title Nail Art

The opening title looks cool on television, but it will look even cooler on your nails.

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Eggo Waffle Nail Art

Embrace Eleven's favorite food with these Eggo Waffle-inspired nails.

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