Every Bacon-Lover Needs These Strange Products

Bacon lovers may just be the most dedicated foodies on the planet.

If this sums you up, you enjoy eating these crispy strips any time of day and you didn't flinch the first time you heard about it being sprinkled into a chocolate bar.

Because of your strong devotion, we've rounded up the wildest bacon-flavored items you can find on the internet below!

Bacon Fragrance: $36

Wear your love for bacon on your literal sleeve with this appropriately scented fragrance that will make you a walking memory of a classic home-cooked breakfast.

Bacon fragrance

(via Bacon Cologne)


Bacon Soda: $2.89

Because why simply eat bacon when you can drink it, too? This bacon soda comes in additional flavors that pair the sizzling pork flavor with chocolate and maple syrup.

Bacon soda

(via Soda Emporium)


Bacon Scented Candle: $9.90

Set the tone at home with a delicious waft of bacon scent all day long. But be warned, this candle is sure to make your mouth water.

Bacon candle

(via Etsy)


Bacon Toothpaste: $6.25

Only the realest bacon lovers can handle brushing their teeth with bacon-flavored toothpaste. Are you one of them?

Bacon toothpaste

(via Walmart)


Bacon Dog Bubbles: $4.60

You can't deny a girl's best friend of the most scrumptious flavor on the planet. These bubbles come bacon-scented so your pupper can join in on the party.

Bacon dog bubbles

(via B and V Trading)


Bacon Bowtie: $48.89

Now does this bowtie fall under the category of semi-formal or business-casual? Asking for a friend…

Bacon bowtie

(via Etsy)


Bacon Lip Balm: $3.98

We're hoping this lip balm isn't infused with real bacon grease… but we're also not saying that would be a deal breaker.

Bacon lip balm


(via Tin Toy Arcade)


Bacon Lollipops: $24.99 for 12

Maple bacon lollipops are the best solution when hunger meets laziness. Now you can have all that great sweet and salty flavor without actually having to get off the couch.

Bacon lollipops

(via Bacon Addicts)


Bacon and Eggs Soap: $8

Can you believe this plate of bacon and eggs is actually soap? You'll have to warn your guests before they take a nibble off of these soap strips.

Bacon and eggs soap

(via Etsy)


Bacon Caramel Sauce: $10

There's nothing unusual about pouring caramel sauce over ice cream, but what about when it has bacon it in? Would you try this sweet and salty treat?

Bacon caramel sauce

(via Etsy)


Bacon Frosting: $5.95

Not sure if this is intended to be a gag gift, but please and thank you.

Bacon cake frosting

(via Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop)


Bacon Awareness Pin: $6.50

As if enough people haven't heard of bacon, right? This awareness pin will definitely make some kind of statement.

Bacon awareness lapel pin

(via Etsy)


Bacon Patch: $6

And if you want an extra level of bacon flair, iron on this patch to the same jacket as your bacon awareness pin.

Bacon patch on a background of eggs

(via Etsy)


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