The 15 Strangest Beauty Trends of 2017

It's safe to say that 2017 was the year of wild and whacky beauty trends.

The more out-there and strange the look, the more viral the trend! Here at Sweety High, we experimented with many odd beauty fads–like gluing flowers on our face and wearing rainbow eyeshadow. After carefully reviewing all of the insane hair and makeup looks, we've rounded up the 15 absolute strangest from 2017.

Magnetic Masks and Lashes

People were obsessed with all things magnetic this year, and we must admit, watching magnets pull off a clay mask is rather addicting. It's very strange and also quite revolutionary. However we draw the line at magnetic eyelashes… we tried them, and can say once in enough for us. Putting them on is no easy process!

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Lip Plumping Devices

Super plump Kylie Jenner-level lips still reigned supreme this year. So naturally, many devices have popped up promising to deliver the King Kylie treatment without injections. We put the JuvaLips device to the test, and even though it definitely worked, we don't see this becoming apart of our everyday morning routine. The idea of our lips inflating and deflating daily just sounds like a lot of work.

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Baby Foot Deep Peeling Exfoliator

Ever been to the nail salon and they slough off a ton of skin from the bottom of your feet? Well, multiply that by 100 and that's what you get when you use the K Beauty Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel. The product has been around for several years, but this was it's big year to shine, and we totally understand why—It's painless and leaves your feet baby-soft. But warning: Based on its peeling process, you'll definitely want to leave socks on for two weeks around your crush!

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Brow Stamps

Too lazy to draw in your brows? Don't worry, there's a stamp for that. Literally, brow stamps were a thing. However our take on the trend is that not all brows are created equal, so using a stamp isn't the best bet if you want to achieve a natural-looking brow that complements your face.


Silicone Makeup Sponges

The iconic Beauty Blender was almost dethroned this year by the silicone makeup sponge–a clear, squishy tear drop-shaped pad that claims to evenly spread your makeup without soaking up tons of your foundation. We found this way more difficult to use, but some people seem to really like it. While we'll stick to our BB for our overall face, we've found that the teardrop pad is perfectly shaped for blending concealer underneath your eyes.

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Facial Rollers

Who knew you could roll your way to better skin? This year, facial rollers took over. There are all different types–jade rollers, facial electro current devices and more, which all claim to increase blood flow and plumpness.


Glow-in-the-Dark Highlights

Gorgeous balayage wasn't enough for 2017… because internet-famous hair colorist Guy Tang introduced us to glow-in-the-dark highlights. In regular lighting, this hair color just looks super pigmented and brilliant, but under a blacklight it glows like a neon bracelet or paint! The trend is completely wild and perfect for the music festival fanatic.


Spin Lash Mascara

We're all about devices that make our lives easier, but some things just don't need to be simplified… like applying your mascara. We learned about the spin lash mascara this year, and these wands spin themselves so you don't have to use your wrist to work the product through your lashes. Necessary? We think not.


Patterned Eyeliner

Unicorn, mermaid scales, flames and candy canes… you've definitely seen a lot of strange eyeliner trends this year on Sweety High. That's because odd eyeliner was easily one of the most viral beauty trends of 2017! And while we had fun trying out these trends and all, we'd be totally fine sticking to a classic cat eye.

Candy Cane Eyeliner Trend



Jamsu-ing, aka dunking your face in cold water to set your makeup… need we say more? This trend was weird, but you guys loved it! Whether you were curious about the concept or appalled at the idea, the K Beauty craze is still trending online.

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Holographic Makeup

Holographic everything blew up this year! From lipsticks to highlighters to nails, you can't stroll through a makeup aisle without seeing something shiny blue or lavender. While this trend was super fun, we have to doubt it's staying power. Is it really that practical to wear purple holographic highlighter? Hmm…

Glitter strobing trend purple gold glitter eyeshadow


Sparkly Glitter Roots

Glitter, baby! Sparkles were a consistent beauty theme throughout the year—glitter lips, under eye makeup, and yes, roots. This look is actually super cute and Instagrammable, perfect for a music festival! The only downside is getting glitter out of your hair is basically a nightmare.

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Hair Jewelry

Who needs earrings and bracelets when you can decorate your mane? We saw all sorts of hair jewelry popping up in 2017—hoops on braids, corset braids, scrunchies, pom poms, ribbons—no tress was left undressed!


Faux Freckles

Born without freckles? Well lucky for you, drawing them on was totally the rage this year. Faux freckles were totally a thing, and are the perfect addition to your sunkissed summer makeup look.

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Lollipop Lips

Usually the point of lipstick is to stay inside the lines… right? That is, until this year. Lollipop lips became a thing. The gist is your lipstick is supposed to be messy and look like you just sucked on a lollipop? Eh, the trend is strange and really just looks sloppy.

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